Hoop it all adds new sizes! Jenny’s Sewing Studio has a 15% introductory sale now!

May 24th, 2015
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large hoopitall pix


Save on Hoop it all now. For a limited time Jenny’s Sewing Studio is offering all our Hoop it all at a 15% discount. We have hoops for Baby Lock, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Husqvama, White, Singer, and Janome.  We have hoops for hats, borders, belts, straps, quilt blocks, jacket backs and more. See our Medium hat hoop, the Large hoop, the Giant hoop, the Giant double wide, the Square hoop, the Square Overlap, and the biggest hoop..the Mammoth overlap.

To code in the discount use code JENHIA when you checkout of our shopping cart. Here is the link to our Hoop it all product line. Each Hoop-it-All  is very easy to setup and use, even for first time users! We offer a wide variety of hoops but they all have some things in common. Each hoop comes with a mounting bracket, single flat frame, instructions and some of our amazing FaBric Stick and Tear stabilizer ( formerly Stick it All).

Extend the use of your embroidery machine. Hoop it all does not make your machines hooping area larger but does allow you to hoop a much larger area then your regular embroidery hoop will allow. Using (Stick IT All) FaBric Stick and Tear stabilizer it is so easy to stick your design area precisely where you need your embroidery to be. Use the hoop slider to position the hoop in multiple embroidery design center locations without rehooping. Watch my video to see how to use the hoop it all, I used the Singer Futura but most hoops work the same . Also see how to embroidery hats!

Try a hoop it all today and make your embroidery machine work for you. .

large framehoopitall-medium-cap-sewing-fieldshoopitall-giant-sewing-fieldshoop it all square double widehoopitall-giant-double-wide-sewing-fields



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Singer Chromium needles are now clearance priced

May 21st, 2015
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assortchrominspiraSinger Chromium needles are now being cleared and replaced by the Inspira needle.  Inspira Titanium is a universal and an embroidery needle and will fit any sewing machine including the Singer model. Built for heavy duty sewing and embroidery the Inspira Titanium needle will replace the Chromium needles when our supply is depleted. Since the Inspira will work with every machine on the home sewing and embroidery market, they will be a more universal choice.

If you would like to stock up on Chromium needles make sure you place an order soon. These needles were made especially for the Singer embroidery machine and  make using the built in needle threader easier. We have the needles all special priced while they last.

Size 80/11 sharp is for the lighter weight fabrics – style 2000 Chromium

Size 90/14 sharp is for medium weight fabrics – style 2000 Chromium

Ball point needles are especially designed for knit fabrics – style 2001 Chromium available in 14/90 and 80/11

Universal needles are a cross between the sharp and ball point needle is an Inspira style available in size 14/90 and 12/80

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Designer embroidered handbags

May 19th, 2015
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Jenny’s Sewing Stdesignerbagsudio will teach a Designer Handbag Class this summer at Hancock Fabrics. If you have a 5″ X 7″ embroidery hoop machine I invite you to come to our 1 day class. Learn to create the embroidered corners and handle placements and snap tab to make the “Everyday Bag.”  We will use both the embroidery and sewing parts of your embroidery machine. Learn to use the special stabilizers and interfacing that are required to create this master piece. You can buy most of your supplies from Hancock or Amazon so you are ready for class. The class fee will include the book of step by step instructions and the CD of video and 28 designs.  Class is scheduled for either Saturday August 8th or Wednesday August 12th from 9:30am till 5:00pm. Call 410-677- 3461

Designer Embroidered Handbag Project Class. Using any quilters 100% cotton fabric print or solid, coordinate your own designer look. Using “Designs in Machine Embroidery” pattern and CD on Designer Handbags you will make a unique designer bag in our class. We will create the “Everyday Bag”. Each student will receive a copy of the CD of embroidery and Book worth $49.95. Embroidery fits any hoop at least 5″ X 7″. Students will need to purchase fabrics, inter facings, threads, snaps and stabilizers at Hancock or Amazon before class. If you can not find the items at Hancock please email me at least 2 weeks before class to allow time for me to order supplies. jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com Please enroll at least 2 weeks before class so I have enough books and CD’s for all.
Class is $150.00 for one day and includes book and designs. #3600913

You will need to bring:
Blue washable fabric marker, scissor to cut with and scissors to trim embroidery
1 package Create a Strap clover 9502 1″ wide
5 magnetic snaps
1 set of purse feet available with the magnetic snaps
Peltex Ultra-Firm Sew-In Stabilizer- 2 yards
5/8″ grosgrain ribbon for handle
Fabric- 1 1/4″ yds for purse body
2 1/2 yds soft shape interfacing 880F to add body to purse fabric (Press the purse body fabric and then bond the softshape to it before class) Roll the fabric in a tube to bring to class so it does not wrinkle.
Contrast strap and corners Fabric- 1/2yd
contrast corner and tab fabric 1/2 yd
embroidery thread to match the contrast color of the corner fabric
sewing thread to match bag fabric

Designer Handbags

Make flawless designer handbags just like Nancy Zieman and Eileen Roche!

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Advanced Futura Class

May 14th, 2015
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Advanced Singer Futura Embroidery class will be held August 1 and 2nd Saturday and Sunday. I know many Singer Futura owjanomepursesmners who took the Futura Seminar would like to come back and review techniques and learn new ones. I am designing a class that I think you will be excited about. I will provide fabric to sew a multi hoop design. The Multi hoop design will create the center of the purse front flap.  I am suggesting white designs on black twill. Here is a picture of a similar purse I have done in the past. A pattern will be provided for you to complete the purse later.

Next we will work with the draw program to create the several designs. Try free standing lace. Design a pocket and then create circle monogram applique. Image files and designs will be included in class. Videos will also accompany the techniques shown.

I have included several photos in my files for you to play with in photo stitch. We can run the software wizard so you can see how the quality of the photo and background really affect the end result.

Make sure you have all the options installed and ready to use for class.

There is a $20.00 kit fee for the materials that will be payable to the instructor. You will receive sample fabrics to sew all your designs outs and Hancock can sell you any coordinates you might need to complete the projects.   As you know seating is limited so enroll asap. Call Hancock at 410 677 3461 to enroll for only $150.00.

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Making embroidered napkins

April 4th, 2015
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Embroidery using my Singer Studio S10

Print a template in your studio program for positioning

finished using the small hoop

In the next few months I have 2 wedding showers and 2 weddings for my nephews Andrew and Mike. I like to give personal gifts that the receiver can look at and say in later years, that was made by my Aunt Jennifer and Grandmom.  I am making each couple a set of 12 napkins for future entertaining and have found napkin rings that are also neutral. The first decision was color.  I asked and asked and no one could give me color so I made a neutral ivory 20″ square napkin using my rotary cutter to cut the napkins from a poly rayon 60″ wide fabric. I wanted a napkin that would be easy to launder or I figured they would not be used.  Next I serged all the edges with a narrow 3 thread edge in matching thread and fray checked all the corners.

In the Studio embroidery program I used Hyper font and Auto punch to create letters and frames to fit the small hoop. Always center the design and save as JEF. I saved the designs on a formatted USB stick that was ready for the Studio to read. Print some of the designs to create a template for positioning. Most diagonal designs are positioned 3″ from the point of the napkin. Plug the USB into the Studio and you are ready to start embroidery.

I decided to use the small hoop because I did not have to stabilize the small size. Using the template cut to fit the point of the napkin, I slid the template under the napkin so I could be the position of the center of the design.  I marked the napkin with a target sticker. I can use the same sticker over and over again.  Next I hooped the napkin with the small hoop. The overlay worked perfectly to help keep the fabric positioning correct. Only 23 napkins left to do.

Positioning using the hoop overlay to hoop the napkin. The target sticker marks the center




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Singer Futura Embroidery Seminar coming at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

April 2nd, 2015
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Teddie is a student from the November 2012 class.

Teddie is a student from the November 2012 class.





Jenny’s Sewing Studio will hold a 2 day Singer Futura seminar in Salisbury, MD at Hancock Fabrics. Since our class scheduled June 27th and 28th 2015 is filled, I have scheduled more dates for the summer 2015.  

Open seminar dates are July 15th and 16th Wednesday and Thursday and August 29th and 30th Saturday and Sunday.

Enroll early as space is limited.  I hope you will join me as we explore the use of the embroidery machine.  This seminar is designed to benefit the brand new user as well as those who want to brush up on their skills. Class is limited so enroll early.  Call 410-677-3461 to enroll at Hancock.





The Singer Futura Embroidery seminar will be held  Saturday 10-5pm and continuing Sunday 10 – 4pm. Singer has introduced quite a few Futura models and I will cover how to use them all including the The Futura Quintet, XL580, XL420, the XL400, 4-1, XL550, Futura Quartet or the SESQ6000 SEQS 6700 and more.   The software for all the machines is basically the same.

You will cover how all the basic embroidery functions like loading a design, centering, printing a the template for positioning, changing colors, use the design browser, copy and paste designs, use the embroidery anthology, change the screen color, load the hoops, use the grid, use the lettering engine, learn the draw package and more. I will also cover all the options. Learn to use the Auto Punch, Hyper Font and Photo Stitch. Once you create a design we will edit it using editing option. Add texture to your design. If you own the options you can create along with me. If you do not, watch the demos.  If you are interested in purchasing the options like Auto Punch, Photo Stitch, Cross Stitch, Hyper Font and Editing, order about 2 weeks before the class to make sure you get the option and have it loaded on your computer to use in class.

The Futura’s must be in working order and all software must be loaded in a laptop and ready to use. All software must be applied before class. All students must be knowledgeable on basic computer use and bring a mouse.

I hope to see you in Salisbury, MD !  Class is $150.00. Once you enroll, email jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com for class outline and what to bring. I will need your name, address, phone number including cell phone, make and model of Futura and options owned.
To enroll in the seminar Call Hancock at 410-677-3461.

**Please read the following disclaimer-Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers several seminars and classes. In order for you to get the most of out of any seminar or class you sign up for you must have a machine and a laptop computer,that is fully functioning. Class is not a place to have a machine fixed or evaluated. There no mechanic available for service in the classroom. Address all service issue on both the sewing machine and computerbefore you attend.**





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New sewing notions and products at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

March 9th, 2015
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I am always on the outlook for new and useful products. Here are a few new products I have added to the web site cart.
Blue Fig has introduced a new designer series of sewing machine luggage. Check out these lovely color combinations in contemporary Purple, Yellow and Grey. The combo includes a trolley, a project bag and a notions bag.

I have also added a new sewing light. This flexible light is great for close up sewing with dark fabrics and ripping. I hope you do not have to rip, but I know I do. Place a spotlight on your sewing.

Embroidery Compass makes placement and stabilizing easy. This unique tool will help all embroiderers choose the correct stabilizer, topping, needle and technique for any project. Just dial the pointer to the type of fabric to be embroidered and the chart give you suggestions for each step of the embroidery process. Click here for a quick video on how the compass works.embroidery compass

Embroiderer’s Helper is a tool used to position embroidery on multiple sizes of shirts so the embroidery is accurately placed at the front breast area. Especially helpful for Tee shirts and sweatshirts. Embroiderer’s Lil Helper is a tool used to position embroidery on multiple sizes of shirts so the embroidery is accurately placed above the pocket area. Watch the video to see how these to placement tools work.

Click Here for a video on how the Embroider’s Helper and Embroider’s Lil Helper works! combo



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Add Monograms to your computer embroidery ability

March 5th, 2015
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pack1 fancy circleOne of the most used embroidery fonts are Monograms! Image Makers (formerly Compucon USA) has introduced a new Stitch & Sew ( S&S) software level called S&S Monogrammer. This new Lettering & Editing level can contain from 58 to 60 fonts (35 general purpose fonts were selected by Image Makers and they let you choose 4 (four) Font Packs from their current total of 11 font packs ( available pack styles are Monograms ,FUN , Block, Script, Mock-Meister and Military). All fonts are Hand made, keyboard, Resizable and Editable fonts.
You can view all the Font Packs at this link.  Write down your Font pack choices then order S&S Monogrammer and write in your 4 Font Pack choices in the comment section of the Order form.

Pack2 engravePack3 KK monogram


pack4 vines

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