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Free motion machine embroidery and quilting

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
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h_10For years I loved doing free motion machine embroidery, especially before the embroidery machine made embroidery so easy. At that point I sharpened my skills on free motion quilting. Both skills were creative and I found them relaxing once I got my machine to work smoothly. One product that really helped was to use of an open toe foot free motion foot. There are not many accessory feet produced but I have found a few that give great visibility and are easy to use. Singer has some free video on how the free motion foot is used. Stippling is the term used to describe the free motion technique using small meandering S shapes to quilt the background area in a quilt.

threadpaintingFree motion embroidery can be shown with many different technique. My favorite is a technique by Terry White. Here are some links to her video and products showing free motion embroidery. Any straight stitch machine can do free motion embroidery. Time and practice develop the skill.

The first thing to do is know what kind of shank your sewing machine has. Most machines are low shank, slant shank, or high shank. Before you purchase a foot for your machine tell the merchant your machine make and model. That way you are sure to buy the correct shank for your machine.

Juki has a great low shank open toe free motion foot with adjustable pressure that makes embroidery and quilting easier. If you do not own a Juki, I have a generic open toe free motion foot that will fit most low shank machines. My personal favorite is the rocker foot for the low shank machine and is made for Singer.

One final idea for free motion work is to have a flat wide sewing surface. Some machines have optional slide on tables you can purchase to make the quilting and embroidery much easier. I also offer a generic table and custom cut tables called sew steady tables. Take a look. These tables are well worth the price for the support and extension they give.



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New Juki Quilting models

Saturday, February 26th, 2011
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Jenny’s Sewing Studio  is now offering the new Juki TL-Series home quilting models.  With several upgrades implemented, the new TL-2010Q and TL-2000Qi are fantastic additions to Juki’s line of home sewing machines.

The new TL-2010Q comes standard with several new options and accessories.  With it’s larger extension table, speed control, extra sub-tension, and advanced thread trimming, the TL-2010Q is truly a joy to sew on.


JUKI TL-2000Qi
With many of the same great features as the TL-2010Q, the new TL-2000Qi includes a larger extension table, advanced thread trimming, and LED sewing light.

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Juki Exceed demonstration

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
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I have reload the Juki Exceed F600 demonstration on line at YOU Tube. I really like this product and consider the machine the best electronic product I sell.  If you are looking for a machine with a wide variety of decorative stitches and a machine that writes, this is the one!

My demonstrations show the threader, the decorative stitch selection and the lettering feature. The next video shows the start, stop, and cutter feature of the Juki.

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Sewing machine bobbins and bobbin thread

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
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There are many bobbins available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. It is essential you pick the right bobbin for your machine. I have been in the sewing machine repair business a long time and checking the bobbin is one of the first things we do. You would be surprised how many use the wrong bobbin.

If you have old bobbins it also might be wise to discard them and replace with a new supply as a bad bobbin can also cause sewing problems. One of the first things we do when repairing a machine is to replace and rewind the bobbin to eliminate that issue. Run your thumb over the top of the bobbin to make sure it is smooth and snag free. To help you restock Jenny’s Sewing Studio is having an anniversery sale and we are offering some great discounts.

Bobbin thread is also a very important product to have on hand and use while embroidering.  Since I am a multi-line dealer I have learned there are different bobbinfill for different machine. The manufactor sets the spects of the machine to a brand of bobbinfill they choose as the best brand for them.  That means the tension will preset to an otpium setting if you use the suggested brand. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has most brands available in spools and prefils.

Here are several links for your bobbin choices:
Brother bobbins
Brother/Baby Lock
older “E” machine take the “L” bobbin and cardboard L
Brother/Baby Lock
newer “B” machines take the “A” bobbin or class 15 
Brother/Baby Lock Bobbin fill – Finishing Touch
Janome is an “A” or class 15 bobbin
Janome Bobbin fill and prefill bobbins
Singer bobbins
Singer Futura 15J and
Futura prefil bobbin are “A”

Sulky bobbin thread for Singer

Juki is a class 15 bobbin

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Juki introduces the compact HZL-27Z

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
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The all new Juki HZL-27Z is a step forward in home sewing machine engineering and functionality. A simple yet robust machine that can tackle most all of your sewing needs. Smooth and quiet, the HZL-27Z is a pleasure to work on. And with two extra front feed dogs, this compact machine will sew light weight fabrics to denim with ease. (more…)

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Juki Exceed sewing demonstration video

Friday, December 11th, 2009
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juki400The Juki Exceed is an excellent top end electronic sewing machine and priced right for the serious sewer. If you are interested in seeing the wonderful features the product has to offer view one of 3 educational video’s I have prepared on the machine.  If you had a Singer XL1000 or 5000 or 6000 this machine is a twin with enhanced features and without embroidery.  As you may know Juki made the XL Quantum line for the Singer Company so I am a little familiar with the look and feel of this machine. (more…)

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Juki sewing machines and sergers now available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Sunday, October 11th, 2009
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400adcomboJUKI SEWING MACHINES TO BE SEEN ON BRAVO’S “THE FASHION SHOW”!   Juki Sewing Machines will be seen in use on several of the episodes of the  Bravo TV Series “THE FASHION SHOW” every Thursday evening.

The Juki DDL-8300N single needle, lockstitch industrial machines as well as the Juki MO-644D home sergers will be used in the designer fashion competition.  The show will be similar to Project Runway which Bravo also produced. Our special involves the Juki high speed TL98QE and the MO623 Juki serger. You can see details at this link! (more…)

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