MAC center introduces “Learn to Sew” and Learn to Quilt” in January 2019

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January 15th Jenny will present a “Learn to Quilt” seminar at 1:30 pm at the MAC Center in Salisbury, MD. See all the ideas you can consider when learning to quilt. Discover what materials you will need so you will be ready to piece and quilt your project. Review all the techniques you can do by sewing machine therefore making quilting easy and fun. Explore quilting methods and see a trunk show of quilts as you learn about the craft. Skills are geared to the beginner but everyone will enjoy the review. Jenny will cover stippling, strip piecing, quick pieced quilt ideas, crazy quilting, applique’ and stain glass quilting plus many more fun and easy methods of making a quilt. You can try free projects offered on line and in person. Learn about our plans for a Lap Quilt Club at the MAC center in 2019. Also learn about classes you can take at Jenny’s Sewing Studio for a “One on One” approach.

Student at Jenny's Sewing Studio is learning to sew.
Learn to use your sewing machine!

“Learn to Sew” with Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD. On January 25th at 1:30pm Jenny will present a seminar at the MAC center showcasing the skills you can learn in our Beginner sewing class. See fabric and pattern ideas for the classes offered. Discover free sewing projects you can try, watch demonstrations of sewing techniques and review future class offering at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. A sewing machine can even be supplied in class for you to learn on. There is no excuse not to enjoy the winter days in doors by learning to sew.  Enroll Now for a fun and exciting hobby, Learn to Sew!

Information on enrollment at the MAC center for the 2 seminars is coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.  Dates on our new MAC Center Lap Quilt Club will also be posted soon. Do not miss out on this brand new way to learn quilting. Club will be lecture demo and the introduction fee will be $5.00. If you can straight stitch on your machine, you can learn to quilt. You can email me at: if you are interested in attending the club and have questions about the meetings. I will be updating information on the club when MAC has set dates and times.

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Easy placemat sewing project

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Fall place mat to sew

To celebrate the current season you can make new place mats for the table and they as easy as one, two, three..!

I used a rounded oval place mat that we already had in the linen closet as a pattern. Trace the place mat shape on a paper bag to make a permanent pattern. Make sure you fold the place mat in half and then in quarters before you cut the pattern. The folding helps you keep the pattern symmetrical. Add 1/4″ to the outside diameter for seam allowance before you cut the shape. Open the folded pattern to check the shape and trim if corrections are needed.

To make sewing the place mat easy,  I use a single faced pre quilted fabric on the reverse side as a lining. Cut the top print in the shape of the place mat. Once the top place mat print is cut, lay the print right sides together on the uncut pre quilted lining. For every 1/2 yard of fabric you can sew 3 place mats across the width of the 45″ fabric. Rough cut the place mat to make sewing the edges easier. Sew the outer edge using a 1/4″ seam (width of the presser foot). Leave a 3 inch opening on one long edge to turn the place mat to the right side. If you own pinking shears you can use them to trim the seam. The pinking shears make trimming curves easier. Turn the place mat so the fabric is on the right side. Roll the edges with your fingers to make sure the edges are turned smoothly and press the place mat with a seam iron to shape. Pin the opening so the edges are folded in and look finished, press. Top stitch the place mat a scant 1/4″ from the edge, on the right side to finish and close the opening. You are done with one. repeat the process to create how many place mats you need.

I hope you have enjoyed our easy sewing project. Join me by enrolling in one on me many sewing classes to learn more at my sewing classes in Salisbury, MD. You can email me at .

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50% off our entire web site at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio is offering a 50% off closeout sale on almost every item in our on-line shopping cart.

The items in our cart are limited to in stock items only. The stock will be sold on a first come basis.  Great prices on every day and specialty sewing parts, stabilizers, bobbin thread, sewing machine needles and bobbins, Serger feet, Serger blades, light blubs, sewing machine needles and more. I have Singer, BabyLock, Brother, Janome, Juki, Bernina, Pfaff, Simplicity and Toyota parts in limited supply at the cheapest prices you will ever see.

I have marked down over 1000 parts  but I have not gotten to all items. If you do not see your item discounted write me. (No special orders)

Additionally here is another way to save!!  Spend $100 or more on one order and save an additional 10% off using discount code “ $10 on $100 or more”when you check out of the shopping cart. Specials will change as the sale progresses!

Find Organ needles, also Schmetz, Singer and Chromium needles and some Janome needles at 50% off! We have Singer serger needles!

See the Singer circular stitcher at 50% off
Find bobbins like 15J, metal and plastic class 15 bobbins, metal and plastic class 66 bobbins, Touch and Sew bobbins, Futura Centur, XL5000/6000 bobbins, Baby Lock, Bother, Viking  and Janome bobbins at 50% off!

We have Janome, Juki, Singer, Brother, BabyLock, Bernina, Juki, and Generic Presser Feet at 50% off!

Now is the time to buy that extra bobbin case. We have bobbin cases for the Singer Futura.

Find many high shank feet and parts suitable for the Singer 20U. If you have a 20U we have all kinds of style1955 needles in various sizes.

We have Singer and Janome needle plates at 50% off!

Save on serger accessories. Great time to buy those helpful extra feet for your serger. Save 50% off

There are also sewing machine foot controllers at 50% off!

Find Rufflers at 50% off!

Find walking feet at 50% off!

I am clearing most inventory and closing my shopping cart in 2019! 

Jenny’s Sewing Studio will continue offering “one on one” sewing classes! I look forward to offering more new sewing ideas for 2018/2019 in Salisbury, MD.   Enroll Now in any of our 22 sewing classes!

Special project sewing for the public will also be offered. I also have new articles in the works for our sewing blog as I move forward. I hope you will stay tuned for updates as they occur.

Discounts will only be offered for on-line orders that are in stock! I will email you order status as I can. All orders will be shipped Priority mail, no exceptions. Please note you can text me at 410 543 1212 or email me at if you have questions. All sales final!

Happy Sewing and see you on-line!

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Jeweled letters

Pin ItI was really inspired to create my own jeweled letters after seeing some beautiful ideas on Pinterest. It took about a week for me to collect and prepare my earring, old watches, cat pins, bridge jewelry, initial pins, brooches, Singer pins and various necklaces  from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Brings back a lot of memories. Instead of hiding in boxes and jewelry boxes the jewels are now on letters I painted gold. The letters you see here stand for Jennifer and Mildred (mom). I even included some of my dad’s tie pins. Several family members will get a letter for Christmas, don’t tell anyone.

Here is the Pinterest link!
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Corner Sanctuary – Pocomoke Community Garden flower arranging event August 20th

Pin ItThank you Kaye Thompson Schutt for leading the flower arranging demonstration with flowers from Corner Sanctuary-Pocomoke Community Garden and Thank You to Delmarva Discovery Center for providing an indoor space for the event. If you have not seen the community garden in Pocomoke, MD it is an effort of love shared by many gardeners. The garden brings many people from the community together to share the love of nature, harvest great produce and to beautify the city through flowers and vegetables.

My mom and I were invited by Kaye to attend a flower arranging class using a the bright and colorful flowers that were cut from the community garden. Kaye and other flower enthusiast also supplied tools, tables, greens and beautiful flowers for us to use. Kaye shared information on how to use soaked oasis and cut it for the container, how to use the container to determine the size and shape of the arrangement, how to pick colors and how to make a lovely arrangement. 

Thanks for the great class and the memory. It takes me back to when I first learned flower arranging in the Girl Scouts. The classes I took then were held by the Acorn Club in Seaford, Delaware. We did yule logs, wreaths and did some formal flower arranging. I always have loved flowers.

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Cosplay is definitely exciting sewers

Pin It I have noticed in the past few years that costume making is really giving some sewers a new reason to be creative. Since all the comic book movies there has been a reason to pull the sewing machine out and be creative with “wonder woman” or “spider man” or “Star Trek”. The list of costumes is endless and I do not even know half of the recreated characters. I do know that McCall’s and Singer are actively participating in the cosplay sewing venue.

McCalls now has a blog devoted to the cosplay costumes and Singer is sponsoring contests on the best costume. If you are interested in following the latest sewing trend here are some links.

For McCalls blog..  and for a Singer Brand Ambassador


I did notice the use of machine embroidery in many of the costumes. The use of machine embroidery lace is made possible with some special wash away stabilizers. I use to use a lot of organza to make lace when the embroidery was not free standing. Here is a link to some of the stabilizers I sell.

If you need a walking foot for even stitching or a roller foot for vinyl or a gathering foot for sheers or a ruffler for full gathers and tucks, I stock many types of accessory.

Have fun thinking up and designing your costume for the next cosplay meeting.

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Country Curtains By Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Pin ItMy mom loves country curtains! After 26 years her curtains are ready to fall off the rod so I am replacing them. It is a great project for a hot summer day, (make that a week) especially if you have air conditioning and time. I wrote an instructional sheet on how to measure the window to figure out the fabric yardage. You can also take a class on ruffled curtains from me.

For this project it is important to own a ruffler. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has one available for your machine.

To figure the ruffles I calculate 6″ for the ruffle width. I also figure 3 X for fullness. The ruffles go on one side of each panel and across the bottom.  The total yardage needed is 31 yards for these 3 windows. Since ruffles are not and exact science I always allow so extra yardage.

I use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut all the panels first.  3 thread serger edge was used to finish the cut edges and I took advantage of the selvages. The selvage is great for the outer edge of the curtain.

My bolt is 36 yards and so I am cutting the ruffle on the remaining length. I used a narrow rolled hem to finish each side of the ruffle. That was a lot of serging and took me a few days.

Once I started the ruffle edging I had to continue until done.  I took a few hours to ruffle over 3,000 inches. The ruffler was connected to the machine and I figure the fullnes by ruffling a small section. I measured 3″ of the ruffle and than pulled it out to see how full the ruffle was. I adjusted the ruffler until I had the best fullness fit.

The last thing to do is sew the ruffle on the panels. Make sure you make 3 curtains with the ruffle sewn on the right and three curtains that are sewn on the opposite long edges so you have a left and a right curtain for each window.

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More wild life visitors at Jenny’s

Pin ItI have never seen so many creators in my yard as I have this year. 2 weeks ago I watched a huge snapping turtle cross South Schumaker Dr and come into our yard to lay eggs. She was big and fast so I stayed my distance. This week we have a ground hog visiting. I did not know they can climb trees. That is were I caught this one. It was really big and ugly and if he had not moved I would have missed him. I was teaching Grace to finish her quilt when she spotted him coming across the road from the park. I have seen him on 2 other occasions and am glad I do not have a vegetable garden. Please! Please, Mr Groundhog, stay out of my yard!
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