News from Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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Boys and Girls ages 10 years and older are invited to enroll for the beginner sewing lessons. Class is 2 – 3 hour sessions. Sessions are scheduled “one on one” and I can provide a sewing machine if needed for the classroom. You will learn to sew seams as you make to easy projects. We will then use a regular pattern to cut and sew pants. Book your class early for the Summer vacation.
Once you complete the basic sewing class you have “sew” many choices. I have made a few suggestions and framed some classes around some patterns I was inspired by. I hope I see you in class soon and you keep up the sewing practice, practice makes perfect!
Beyond the basics BoHo style! Enroll Now! Easy Fashion Sewing for the beginner. Make yourself a beautiful Kimono using Simplicity 8172. Two -3 hour sessions include reading the pattern, layout, cutting, construction and sewing a bias facing. Read more about sewing this lovely fashion in my personal “Sew-a-Long”. I am planning to write several blog articles when I construct my personal garment.
Beyond the basics Shirt– If you decide to make a skirt you can pick from any  commercial pattern. Purchase the pattern by hip size. Bring fabric and notions like zipper, all purpose polyester sewing thread, elastic, or buttons to class.
Beyond the basics for Boys and Men! If you have taken a Beginner Sewing Class with me and are ready for a new challenge, learn to make a  short sleeved button down shirt with a collar. Make a tropical themed shirt that looks cool doing the hot Summer months.
Retro Sewing for the intermediate! Try a beautiful shirt waist dress, Butterick 6672, to sharpen your sewing skills. This dress is lovely and a great garment for the Summer season. Learn fitting, interfacing, facings, pockets, buttonholes, casings, hemming and more making this lovely dress.
Beyond the Basics Fit and Flare is a very flattering classic style of dress. The garment features a fitted waist, a center back zipper, gathered or pleated shirt, darts or princess lines, a jeweled neckline or split neckline, facings or lining in the bodice and can be sleeveless, have short , cap or long sleeves. To fit, cut, mark and sew this dress will probably take us 3 – 3 hour sessions. When you have completed this session you are ready to tackle some of the most advanced fitting and sewing projects.

You are invited to attend the monthly Lap quilting club at the MAC center in Salisbury, MD. Register now for $5.00. You can also register at the door each month. Our next club meeting is May 23rd at 2 pm in the Bradford room at the MAC center. Come and sew with us! In our next Lap Quilt session we are learning to applique’. I am inviting all attendees to bring a machine and try out the techniques used to create the Fan, Dresden plate and Sun Bonnet Sue block . I will supply a pattern for the Sun Bonnet block in class. I will list materials to bring on the Lap Quilt club page. We are now on Lesson 5. If you would like to join our group, I can bring you up to date in one on one lessons.   All beginner’s are welcome. Need more help or have to miss a lesson? Take a class with Jenny’s Sewing Studio for a follow up “one on one” session  and make new Lap Quilt blocks each month with sit and sew help. Sign up for one hour, two hours or three hours of instruction on quilting, sewing machine use or sewing help. By the end of 2019 you will have a finished quilt. Join the fun! Follow the links and Enroll Now! Here is the club outline. The outline is revised often. Our next Lap Quilt Club meeting will be at the Salisbury MAC Center at 909 Progress Circle and in the Bradford room on Thursday May 23rd at 2:00 pm.  The fee will be $5.00 a session. Enroll Now at this link! Sign up for our blog newsletter updates.  

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Learn to Sew at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Pin It“Learn to Sew” is my most requested class at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Some learn to create fashion and have dreams of being a fashion designer. Other students learn sewing as a hobby and have fun making pillows, purses and projects to give as gifts. Learning to make your own clothes also let you have a unique wardrobe. Most sewers can dream it and sew it. I love to see the energy created from learning the skill of sewing.  I had several new students this winter and would like to share a few photos with you. I do not always remember my camera but it is a great way to remember the students and their sewing dreams.

If you would like to Learn to Sew or Quilt or learn to use your sewing machine or serger click on my sewing class link to read more about the classes I offer.

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Winter Institute at the MAC center announced

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From   Cindy Robinson:

Don’t let the cold, gray days of January keep you stuck in the house. MAC’s first Winter Institute offers the chance to get out, meet new people and hear about a variety of entertaining topics!

An exciting schedule of classes is planned for this first Winter Institute, including basics of sewing and quilting, gardening, local history, tips for taking great pictures, scrap booking, local history, Musical Magic with WBOC’s Charlie Paparella, and more! Learn how to connect with your children on Facebook, get information on investing, find out what amazing opportunities are available through the Salisbury Kennel Club and your local library, and learn about user friendly apps for iPads and iPhones; and still more. A total of 27 sessions are planned.
Classes will be held Jan. 9-10; Jan. 14-17, and Jan. 22-24 in the Perdue Family Living Well Education Center at MAC. Three 90-minute sessions will be held each day, starting at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The cost is $3 per session.
Registration forms and complete class schedules are available at MAC, at the main reception desk. All ages are welcome.

Advance registration is encouraged; registration at the door will be accepted as space permits.

For more information on classes or registration, call 410-742-0505.

The following is the complete schedule of classes:

Schedule of Classes for MAC’s Winter Institute

Session one: 9-10:30 a.m.
Session two: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Session three: 1-2:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 9
Session two:
Tips & Tricks for Taking Great Photos, with Brice Stump, noted local photographer, author
Session two: The Art of Scrap booking, Jennifer Johnson with Pat Wilgus, scrap booking enthusiasts
Session three: Antiques: What You Need to Know, with Steven Blumenauer, From Charlene Upham Antiques

Thursday, Jan. 10
Session one:
Downsizing Do’s and Don’ts with Jill Yost, Realtor, Long & Foster Real Estate, Salisbury
Session two: Get Ready to Run Your First 5K, with Vanessa Junkin, Eastern Shore Running Club
Session three: King Tut: The Boy King of Egypt, with Dr. G. Ray Thompson, retired SU history professor

Monday, Jan. 14
Session one:
Unlock Your Local Library from Home, with Wicomico Public Library Staff
Session two:  iPads & iPhones: Got Apps? With Janet Parke, MAC trainer
Session three:
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Salisbury Kennel Club, with Peggy Bradford, Kennel
Club board member

Tuesday, Jan. 15
Session one:
Fiber Art Traditions, with Cynthia Byrd, curator, Julia A. Purnell Museum, Snow Hill
Session two: Ward Museum: Wood & Soap Carving Demonstrations, with Ward volunteers
Session three: Quilting How-To with Jenny Friedel, owner Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Wednesday, Jan. 16
Session one:
A Lighter Look at U.S. Presidents, with Sylvia Bradley, SU Professor Emeritus of History
Session two: Improve Your Memory Skills, with Mary Slate, retired nurse
Session three: “Graves, Tales and Incredible Tombstones,” with Brice Sump, noted photographer and writer

Thursday, Jan. 17
Session one:
Your Brain on Investments, with Eric Johnston, InFocus Financial
Session two: Get Your News in the Newspaper! With Greg Bassett, editor, Salisbury Independent
Session three: Let’s Get Social! Using Social Media to Connect with Family, with Victoria Kent, marketing officer, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore

Tuesday, Jan. 22
Session one:
Adventures of the Skipjack Nathan of Dorchester, with Lou Hyman, first mate
Session two: Writing Your Stories, with Dr. Carolyn Stegman, author and educator
Session three: Sewing How-To With Jenny Friedel, owner, Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Wednesday, Jan. 23
Session one:
Creative Container Gardening, with Ginny Rosenkranz, Extension educator
Session two: Master Gardening: Building Healthy Gardens, with Ginny Rosenkranz, Extension educator
Session three: The Ugly Pie: A Small Business Start, with Shaina Bounds, owner, The Ugly Pie

Thursday, Jan. 24
Session one:
Twists and Turns of Annuities, with Eric Johnston, InFocus Financial
Session two: Origins of Salisbury, with Dr. G. Ray Thompson, retired SU history professor
Session three:  Musical Magic with Charles Paparella, musician, storyteller and WBOC personality

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Easy placemat sewing project

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Fall place mat to sew

To celebrate the current season you can make new place mats for the table and they as easy as one, two, three..!

I used a rounded oval place mat that we already had in the linen closet as a pattern. Trace the place mat shape on a paper bag to make a permanent pattern. Make sure you fold the place mat in half and then in quarters before you cut the pattern. The folding helps you keep the pattern symmetrical. Add 1/4″ to the outside diameter for seam allowance before you cut the shape. Open the folded pattern to check the shape and trim if corrections are needed.

To make sewing the place mat easy,  I use a single faced pre quilted fabric on the reverse side as a lining. Cut the top print in the shape of the place mat. Once the top place mat print is cut, lay the print right sides together on the uncut pre quilted lining. For every 1/2 yard of fabric you can sew 3 place mats across the width of the 45″ fabric. Rough cut the place mat to make sewing the edges easier. Sew the outer edge using a 1/4″ seam (width of the presser foot). Leave a 3 inch opening on one long edge to turn the place mat to the right side. If you own pinking shears you can use them to trim the seam. The pinking shears make trimming curves easier. Turn the place mat so the fabric is on the right side. Roll the edges with your fingers to make sure the edges are turned smoothly and press the place mat with a seam iron to shape. Pin the opening so the edges are folded in and look finished, press. Top stitch the place mat a scant 1/4″ from the edge, on the right side to finish and close the opening. You are done with one. repeat the process to create how many place mats you need.

I hope you have enjoyed our easy sewing project. Join me by enrolling in one on me many sewing classes to learn more at my sewing classes in Salisbury, MD. You can email me at .

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Beginning sewing projects

Pin ItThe best way to Learn to Sew is to practice.  The cold winter months really give us time to do just that.  Jenny’s Sewing Studio will help you make a plan…!

If you need to learn to use a new sewing machine, serger or embroidery machine you got for Christmas, I have the perfect class for you. Instructional lessons are usually 2 hours and I will steer you through the instruction book and get you ready for your upcoming sewing projects.

Start with Beginner Sewing 2 lesson class to learn the basics of sewing and reading a pattern. We will make 3 projects to get you started.

Here are some easy sewing project ideas I found on-line to inspire you. Most of these projects will use scraps of fabric. They also make great in expensive gifts. One of my favorite web sites is Sew4Home with lots of free project ideas. Also make sure you look at some of my free sewing project patterns. Check back often for more ideas to come.

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A great beginner sewing project for 2018

Pin ItAre you learning to sew? If you have taken a beginner sewing class from Jenny’s Sewing Studio I have a great pattern suggestion for you to make. This kimono jacket came be worn by everyone and is a great addition to your wardrobe. The pattern also offers easy fit. Try a nice cotton print to start with. You can then graduate to silks and slippery polyesters later. Here is a link to classes. You can find fabrics at JoAnn fabrics in Easton or Serendipity Quilts in Dagsboro, Delaware. I also like to shop on line at Mode,, and Fabric . Please email me if you have fabric questions and if you are in doubt of an on-line fabric, send me a link. See the email form attached.

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Learn to Sew at Jenny’s in Salisbury, MD

Pin ItI have had several brand new sewers recently and wanted to share our latest project. Maria is modeling her newly created apron. An apron is a great gift project, especially if you are making a holiday apron.

Maria learned how to use the sewing machine basics, how to sew a standard seam using a seam guide, how to sew a 1/4″ seam and how important a steam iron is to you when sewing.  The first project was a pin cushion, second was a zipper change purse and then she learned to read the pattern and lay out the fabric. In the second class she cut the apron, marked the pocket placement, made pockets and straps.

We started a second project which was a knit dress. Maria found out how hard it is to cut a jersey knit. We finish the cutting but I learned I needed a new pair of SERRATED KNIFE-EDGE bent handled scissors for the next knit project. Scissors really make a big difference.

I hope you will join me in class during the holiday and in 2018.
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Beginner Sewing at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Pin ItRecently Lilly took my beginning sewing class in Salisbury, MD.  Sewers start with learning to thread the machine, sew seams and pivot at corners. Lilly learned the 5/8″ seam and the quarter inch seam and how the back tack. She made a pin cushion and a zipper pouch to keep her small sewing equipment in. In the next lesson I showed her how to read the pattern and cut out an apron that had a lot of sewing technique. Lilly learned marking, pressing, trimming, clipping, controlled gathers, sewing on a patch pocket, making a narrow top stitched hem, a facing and a casing. I sewed an apron along with Lilly and made it for my mom. Here are the pictures.  Come and learn to sew, follow the link to enroll.

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