Add Monograms to your computer embroidery ability

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pack1 fancy circleOne of the most used embroidery fonts are Monograms! Image Makers (formerly Compucon USA) has introduced a new Stitch & Sew ( S&S) software level called S&S Monogrammer. This new Lettering & Editing level can contain from 58 to 60 fonts (35 general purpose fonts were selected by Image Makers and they let you choose 4 (four) Font Packs from their current total of 11 font packs ( available pack styles are Monograms ,FUN , Block, Script, Mock-Meister and Military). All fonts are Hand made, keyboard, Resizable and Editable fonts.
You can view all the Font Packs at this link.  Write down your Font pack choices then order S&S Monogrammer and write in your 4 Font Pack choices in the comment section of the Order form.

Pack2 engravePack3 KK monogram


pack4 vines

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Visit Jenny’s Picture and Video Gallery

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We invite you to visit Jenny’s Sewing Studio Picture and Video Gallery for a wealth of information , some free ideas and video. Take a look at the free embroidey designs created with the Singer Futura and the Compucon embroidery software. After purchasing a clipart CD of 300,000 clipart it is fun to see what the result created in autopunch look like. We have not sewn them out so test them first. The Futura and Compucon software are almost identical so if you would like to see how the results of our embroidery designs were achieved click here for video.


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Add new embroidery lettering fonts with Compucon Stitch N Sew

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In wire frames change the lettering to a true type font if you have the hyperfont and lettering program.

Have you been wanting to expand your embroidery font library? Compucon has an excellent lettering program that offers a font engine and extra fonts for monogram and decorative floral lettering. This is a font engine that allows the user to  shape and edit the letters as they wish. Arc, rotate and add texture, create 2 color fill in your letters, manipulate each letter individually, even make lace letters. If you have Hyperfont or the complete studio you can also add to your font library for unlimited font function. Unlike the Futura program, with hyperfont and lettering options Compucon gives you a feature to add true type fonts permanetly  to the font library.  Compucon also gives you editing built in to the lettering program so you can change the texture of the lettering or outline it or change it’s shape. Another editing function that I like to use is the “ change font feature” found in editing.  You can create a style and edit the lettering too.

So many ideas and so little time.  Make a monogram and outline the letters with editing.

See a complete video on how the lettering program works. You can purchase the smaller 35 font option or the 71 font library option. Both options are will be great additions to your embroidery machine and the lettering created can be saved in almost any format for any make or model. Here are few more video links.

Video 1

Video 2


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Hoop it all helps you make larger embroidery designs

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Hoop it all has several hoops that will add function to your embroidery machine. Even if you have a small hoop machine I can show you how to plan and execute a long banner design when you only have a 4″ X 4″ hoop. Here are some things to remember.
1. Hoop it all works on a slide bracket and with sticky paper.  Cut the correct paper size to fit the hoop and remove the release paper topper sheet as you place the sticky paper to the back of your hoop. Mark the center of the hoop by drawing it on the sticky paper with a permanent marker. Mark the design centers on your project using a temporary water soluble marker. Match the center lines up on the sticky paper and position the project to the hoop center marks.  Put the slider bracket on your machine. Next you can slide your hoop to the center of each embroidery with ease. 
2. You need some way to print out a template of each embroidery that fits your stitch out area. I am providing a link to free software that is offered by Compucon Stitch and Sew. You can open your embroidery in the software and print of the templates to mark your fabric with.

Here is a link to the software video and link to the download. Download the software and open the desired embroidery in the software. Watch the video and try the software for yourself. Compucon makes many great options for embroidery.

I have also prepared a video on the Hoop it all .

3. Hoop it all is made for most makes an models of embroidery machine. The hoops are custom made so allow about 2 to 3 weeks delivery time.








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Embroider a Towel

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the perfect products to help you embroider a terry towel. Nancy’s Notions has a great video to show you how.  Need the Perfect Placement kit with target stickers and placement templates? Jenny’s has it..

Jenny’s has several ways to help you with lettering. Personalize N Stitch  from Amazing Designs a great lettering program product and gives you wonderful lettering options. You will find 126 lettering styles and 2 monopgram styles in the program. Click on the product link for a free trial.  Others lettering programs that are super deals are Monogram It and Letter It.

Stitch N Sew lettering fonts gives you a font engine plus many ways to customize your lettering. Watch the video to see how. You can pick from 35 or 71 fonts with monogram choices.  Here is a window from Compucon that lets you click on a lettering style and scroll over to see it displayed.  Stitch and Sew lettering and Editing allows you the ability to customize everything. Also look at Hyperfont option which is available as a stand alone from Stitch N Sew. Hyperfont gives you the ability to add True Type fonts to your letter editing program through a wizard. It is so easy.  To purchase any of the Stitch N Sew products click at this link.

Towels can sometimes be very bulky and large so instead of setting them in a hoop it is possible to stick them in place. Mark the center of the towel and use target stitchers to keep the markings accurate. Align the markings with your hoop cross hairs.

For more information about stabilizers click here. Jenny Carries a nice starter kit of the basic stabilizers you will use most. We also carry stabilizers from Madeira and Hoop it all


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Compucon has a free viewer and design conversion tool

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 Yes, Compucon has a free conversion tool on line for download. I have written a brand new video for you to watch and see all the features available. It’s Amazing! You can change colors, colorize in your thread palette,  print off a template, view your hoop, make a grid, measure the design, and save in your format so the design is ready for you to use.  It is Free!   To find the viewer go to

The Stitch and Sew options all have the viewer included as part of the program. Using our new viewer will give you a unique view into how easy the software is to use.

The viewer is also used to view the “Embroidery Anthology” by Compucon. The Anthology has over 4,400 designs to use.

Visit Jenny’s Sewing Studio on Facebook. Also visit our brand new Compucon Stitch and Sew embroidery Facebook page.

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Embroidery to celebrate the royal wedding

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To my embroidery friends, I have created some new embroidery for the bride and groom. With the upcoming Royal Wedding all eyes are on England and the event.

My first 2 designs are from photo stitch. I used the Compucon Stitch and Sew  photo stitch which is identical to the Singer Futura photo stitch, to create  a black and white clipart. Looks like cross stitch but is actually line embroidery created in the photo stitch.  You can buy the Compucon Photo Stitch as a stand alone or as a power pack with autopunch, photo stitch and cross stitch plus editing in a combo. The 4 designs are free downloads in our design and photo gallery.

Next I have added a few auto punch designs. Take a look. Using basic and clean clipart I created a bible design and a ring designs. Make sure you stitch them out to test before you try them on something good. These are free designs and I have not had time to test sew them all.

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Embroider a belt on your machine

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Using any embroidery machine you can embroider a sectional belt easily. I have loaded 3 autopunch designs you are welcome to try. The clip art used made the autopunch software perfect for the formation of my designs. I used the Compucon autopunch software to create my design. To see how auto punch works view the process here.

To construct the belts, pick a background fabric that has some body. Use denim, canvas, or sandwich a fusible fleec in between to pieces of broadcloth. This heavier fabric will give your sections a rigid body. Trim each embroidery to the edges. Mend the embroidery together to create enough width to fit your waist.  The multi-zig-zag stitch or the feather stitch will work well. To finish tack a cord to each edge so you can tie your belt in place or velcro an overlap. You can also make a buttonhole and button as a closure. Hook and eyes will work too. Check out the buttons and fastners at your local fabric store for other finishing ideas.

Remember I have not always stitched out every embroidery so test the designs before commiting them to a garment.


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