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Frequently Asked Questions for the Singer Futura embroidery machine

Sunday, August 9th, 2015
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rose     FAQ page about the Singer Futura by Jenny’s Sewing Studio is here! I have gathered my best observations and sage wisdom on the Singer Futura embroidery machine and placed it here for you to refer to. I will update the page from time to time as I learn a new technique…yes I am always learning! I hope it helps you have a successful sewing and embroidery experience with the machine. I have enjoyed hours of fun and achieved many embroidery projects and my best advise when having a problem is to stop, look and listen to the machine. It will tell you what is wrong if you are there to listen.

Problems with embroidery usually involve threading the machine. You will hear this over and over again. You may think you already threaded your machine correctly but there is a test you can try to see if you have. Lower your presser foot and pull on the top thread. Raise the presser foot and pull on the top thread. If there is not a definite difference, rethread!!! Until you become familiar with your Futura threading procedure, the thread issue will pop up. It is not the machine’s fault. Learn to use the Futura by carefully reading the manual and watching the provided videos. Singer has made it easy for you to learn. If you need my help, come to a Futura seminar I hold in Salisbury, MD.   You can also view the Singer threading video. (more…)

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New sewing notions and products at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

Monday, March 9th, 2015
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I am always on the outlook for new and useful products. Here are a few new products I have added to the web site cart.
Blue Fig has introduced a new designer series of sewing machine luggage. Check out these lovely color combinations in contemporary Purple, Yellow and Grey. The combo includes a trolley, a project bag and a notions bag.

I have also added a new sewing light. This flexible light is great for close up sewing with dark fabrics and ripping. I hope you do not have to rip, but I know I do. Place a spotlight on your sewing.

Embroidery Compass makes placement and stabilizing easy. This unique tool will help all embroiderers choose the correct stabilizer, topping, needle and technique for any project. Just dial the pointer to the type of fabric to be embroidered and the chart give you suggestions for each step of the embroidery process. Click here for a quick video on how the compass works.embroidery compass

Embroiderer’s Helper is a tool used to position embroidery on multiple sizes of shirts so the embroidery is accurately placed at the front breast area. Especially helpful for Tee shirts and sweatshirts. Embroiderer’s Lil Helper is a tool used to position embroidery on multiple sizes of shirts so the embroidery is accurately placed above the pocket area. Watch the video to see how these to placement tools work.

Click Here for a video on how the Embroider’s Helper and Embroider’s Lil Helper works! combo



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Embroidery is fun

Monday, December 1st, 2014
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Lynn sept 2014I am including some pictures of projects I have recently embroidered. I have a couple of reminders to pass on to all of those who love to embroidery as much as me.

December 13th and 14th Saturday and Sunday is my next 2 day Futura Seminar at Hancock in Salisbury, MD. To enroll call 410 677 3461. The class is small and jammed packed with all the basics of machine embroidery. Learn how to make the most of your auto punch, editing, hyperfont, photo stitch and cross stitch embroidery. Do monograms, create fancy letters, learn how to position your embroidery and more.

usbDo not miss the great buy in embroidery I am offering for the gift giving season. Buy the new embroidery only Studio S10 and receive a USB filled with auto punch, editng, hyper font and 2800 designs. The USB is worth at least $600 in free give aways. Singer will be shipping until December 15th for Christmas 2014 and then they will be closing from Christmas till the 2nd week in January for inventory. Do not wait for the best deal of the year!! I have prepared a video on the basics of the program and on auto punch. Take a look.  I have also add a new project for you to try using my free embroidery made with the Singer auto punch. Here is the red flower download.

Here are some of my embroidery projects.

You can download a free pattern of my sewing machine cover. sewing machine cover

Make a crazy quilt pillowDSCN2438.crazy quilt pillow

Hope to see you soon at your embroidery machine. Jenny

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Multihooping using templates

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
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hiafutura.jpgWhat is Multi-hooping? When you have a large design layout, you can plan and execute the marking, hooping and embroidering one area at a time to build the large design. A good example would be embroidered borders.  I Multi-hoop using printed design templates. This technique can be done on most embroidery software. If you need a program to print your design template download EOS for free. Open your design, center and print the design at 100% of size.

First center the design.

Print of each design template in your embroidery software.

Tape the printed templates together to form the completed design. This will allow you to visualize the complete size and how much fabric you need.  ( completed Border repeat or Quilt Block, Pillow Case border Belt or Purse Strap etc.)

Using an awl or hohiatemplatemarking.jpgle punch, punch 5 small holes to locate the center. (center, and one on each of the 4 cross hair ends.)

Lay the new and larger template on your fabric and mark the centers and cross hair and connect them to form the design centers.

When hooping the fabric I use sticky paper.  Remove the release sheet after the paper is hooped and mark the cross hair with a permanent marker on the sticky paper. Align the cross hairs of the marked garment with the sticky paper marking.

Here is a video I did a while ago on a quilt block planning using the Futura software . The embroidery multi-hooping technique is pretty much the same no matter which software you use.

Here is a video of the hooping technique using a hoop it all.

See Super Long Hoop it Alls!

green bag

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Embroidery on Ribbon and Webbing

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
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embroidery on ribbonI am sure you have thought about placing lettering and embroidery designs on straps, ribbon, and webbing. I will show you how to do this embroidery technique using tools in the Futura embroidery!  I have used auto punch  and editing and lettering options and show this in a brand new video. Take a look!

A lot of these technique involves sticky paper. We sell “Stick it All” and “Peel and Stick”. Both sticky papers will help you embroider items that can not be hooped. To see technique on stabilizers and hooping read this prior article on design placement.  I have loaded a link for Singer video to watch on proper hooping and stabilizer techniques.

JeanniecropLearn more about using your Futura software in our upcoming Futura Seminar December 13th and 14th 2014 at Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD. The class is small for personal attention. Class is a 2 day event and held at Hancock fabrics. To enroll call Hancock’s at 410-677 3461.

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Stitch it Straight and Snap Ease

Monday, January 21st, 2013
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CNPISstitchitstraightStitch It Straight is formerly the Embroider’s Friend!  This is a great tool for the person who loves machine embroidery and is looking for a tool to make positioning more professional and accurate. The “Stitch it Straight” holds all brands and sizes of hoops exactly in position and perfectly straight for all flat items and women and mens garments. Table lip fits securely in place on the edge of a table. Grooved center line aids in keeping the garment straight. Universal brackets hold most hoops in position for accurate hooping. Works with the Snap Ease. Formerly “Embroider’s Friend”. To see how the Stitch it Straight works watch the video produced by Embroider’s Friend.

CNSEZL tacony The SNAP EASE ( standard size)- This Embroidery Accessory eases the stress of hand hooping with household embroidery machine hoops. It cuts the fatigue of hooping, reduces the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome and simplifies alignment of your work. No more tired and sore hands, wrists and forearms from hand hooping. Use the Snappy with almost all brands of household embroidery machines.  Also in Large hoop size. Watch the video to the formerly Snappy to see how this tool works.

Embroidery Placement tool is a must have product for all who want to embroider shirts, tees and blouses. It provides perfect industry standard positioning for left chest, center front and other embroidery placements. It comes in adult and child’s sizes.

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Size It! Brand new embroidery software from Amazing Designs.

Saturday, October 6th, 2012
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Size it! Brand New!

Increase designs 150% or decrease 50%! More details from our Sewing Advisors:

Embrace embroidery designs big and small with Size It! This easy-to-use sizing program can increase designs for larger projects or make them smaller to fit your embroidery hoop

  • Size It! features more sizing abilities than most embroidery machines so you can create the projects you’ve always wanted to try
  • Use Size It! on its own, or add it to Letter It! or Monogram It!, sold separately, for unique lettering options of all sizes
  • Works with virtually every home embroidery format
  • Features you’ve always wanted:
    • Increase designs 150% or decrease 50%
    • Density is no problems with automatic stitch recalculation for resizing designs
    • Enjoy free-hand sizing with handles, or easily achieve precise results by typing in exact sizes or percentages
    • Create the perfect embroidery by rotating, merging and recoloring designs
  • Additional features for even more flexibility:
    • Sew efficiently by grouping colors
    • Achieve a seamless stitch-out by removing color stops
    • Print templates for precise design placement
    • Easily view your designs as thumbnails, including .ZIP files
    • Compatible with Amazing Designs Little Max conversion box
  • Saves to the most popular embroidery design formats: BLF, CSD, DST, EMD, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES (1, 6, 7, 8, 9), PCS, PCM, SEW, SHV, VIP, VP3, XXX
  • System requirements:
    • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Processor or above
    • Windows XP, Windows, Vista or Windows 7 operating system
    • 1 GB available hard drive space
    • CD-ROM drive
    • 1024 x 768 video display or higher
    • Mouse
  • Mfg: Amazing Designs
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Photo Stitch embroidery option is fun to use

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
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Photo stitch  is available for your Singer Futura as an add on option. Photo stitch is also available by Compucon “Stitch N Sew” as a  embroidery program.  Compucon offers the photo stitch option for any embroidery machine. You can buy a combo software that includes auto punch and Cross stitch or purchase Photo stitch by itself.  The software is so easy to use. Take your photo. It should be an uncluttered close up with a contrasting background. You can decide whether you would like a detailed embroidery in color or a black and white.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has video to show you how the process is done on the Singer Futura.   For the Photo Stitch by Stitch N Sew that works with all embroidery machines, find the video here.  This is   Great gift idea for the holidays.

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