More wild life visitors at Jenny’s

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I have never seen so many creators in my yard as I have this year. 2 weeks ago I watched a huge snapping turtle cross South Schumaker Dr and come into our yard to lay eggs. She was big and fast so I stayed my distance. This week we have a ground hog visiting. I did not know they can climb trees. That is were I caught this one. It was really big and ugly and if he had not moved I would have missed him. I was teaching Grace to finish her quilt when she spotted him coming across the road from the park. I have seen him on 2 other occasions and am glad I do not have a vegetable garden. Please! Please, Mr Groundhog, stay out of my yard!

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Bridge Buddies

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Since 2008 Arlene, Toby, Eileen and I have been bridge buddies.  Our original group included Pattie and Patrick. We all took bridge lessons at the Wicomico Civic Center from Jean McKinney. If you ask around the area, there are a lot of bridge players who took lessons from Jean.  Once our group graduated from the intermediate class, we decided to play bridge every Friday afternoon. Our group has played at various locations, including our homes. About 8 or 9 years ago I joined the Elks in Salisbury, MD. The four of us have met for lunch and played party bridge at the Elks or my home ever since.  My mom started coming to lunch at the Elks with me in 2014 after my dad pasted away.  She will not learn bridge but she is always up for going out to lunch. We treat her like one of the group.

This year we are going through a major change. Eileen and Patrick are moving away to be closer to their children. Today was our last bridge game as a group. We will miss them very much but hope that their new home will be an exciting new chapter in their lives. Eileen says her granddaughter Jane, who is 3, will be very excited to see her. They will be living 5 minutes away. It has been great knowing Eileen and Patrick and we wish them well.

Arlene, Toby and I will still be playing bridge on Fridays. We are trying out new partners and hope they will enjoy our 4 some.  Once you get bridge in your blood it is hard to quit. Eileen is hoping she can find a new 4 some too.

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I graduated from High School 50 years ago!

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I had been planning on attending my high school 50th reunion for months. Due to some unforeseen events I was unable attend. Even though I could not go, I did get some great pictures of the party from class mates. I was there in spirit and it was great to reconnect with a few old friends. I could not let the event pass without sharing some of my memories of Seaford Senior High school and Seaford, De with you. Maybe I will be able to attend my 55th reunion, only time will tell! Thank you to all the class of 68′ who kept me updated! I also placed a link to a wonderful website on memories of Seaford, Delaware. The link to Seaford Delaware, a look back in time !

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My Mom’s Favorite Restaurant

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I just had to show my mother in her favorite place, Chick Fila. Every week we go to the local Chick Fila and everyone knows her name. She loves it. Here she is eating her favorite sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun. We go out to lunch everyday and she has social followings in Lombardi’s, Chick Fila, Denny’s, Dayton’s and Bob Evans. Usually we do a little shopping and then it is home for a nap.  She is 96 so she can do naps anytime she wants.

She does not do the internet or computers so she will not see this unless I show her. Of course if you see her tell her you saw her on-line.

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The fox family in the backyard

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This Spring my garden shed was invaded by a mama fox. She dug in under the concrete foundation and in the leaves under the wooden floor, on top of the concrete. She has several means to escape and I have a huge dirt pile all over the tools in my back lean-too. I was going to clean up the brush and equipment back there this Spring and had to give it up. The fox is in control. The local dogs went wild with barking. Rice’s Pest Control came out and told me he thought she would not attack me. She was more afraid of me then I was of her. If he trapped her he would have to kill her and the pups. I did not want that.  She has since had 5 pups. Mama has very good control of her litter. They hunt the woods behind my house, my yard, and quite a few neighbor yards at night. I do not have any bunnies this year or moles in the grass. Even the squirrels are quiet. That is a good thing. It has been quite amazing to watch them. I can not get close when they are out or they will run away. It is hard to take pictures with my equipment, The fox really blend into the background. I tried my best to capture a pose.

My garden tractors are in the shed and when I need to start them up the fox are very quiet for a day or 2.   The pups are probably as big as a small dog to medium small dog so I imagine they will move on soon for more hunting. I can hear them under the floor when I am in the shed servicing the mower or looking for paint brushes. If the fox move on then my work begins refilling the shed floor and putting up wire fencing to keep them out. I said why me when the fox first appeared, I figure God must have a special plan to entertain my mom and I.  2 big Canadian geese walked into my front yard the other day honking at a few frisbee golf players from across the street. I threw open the front door and said, no no not here. No more wild life.

I use to go out at night to my parts shed to fill orders but do not do that right now. The Fox are evening creatures.  The Fox family seems like a little too much to run into while crossing the backyard in my night gown and robe.

Ever notice how much nature tries to take over! Weeds, blown branches, insects, squirrels that chew, bunnies that eat our flowers and the pollen. I do love it outside. You can left click on the pictures to see them better and right click to copy and paste them

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio is enjoying Spring

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It was so beautiful today my mom and I decided to go flower shopping. It is like taking a cheap vacation. This time of year the flowers a so fantastic it is overwhelming and it is hard to choose your favorite type and color. I was limited to what I could carry at one time in my car.  I consider this step one of several visits. Today we got flowers for the front step and front flower hanger and we bought a flat of Vinca for the backyard water fountain flower garden. I took several pictures to document the beginning of the flower season. I also took pictures of the lovely dogwoods. The weekend is going to be beautiful so I am sure we will be in the yard working. Hope you are enjoying the season too.

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How to Sew a Mother’s Day purse using my Singer Futura XL580

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I am making my mom a new purse for Mother’s Day. I looked at her current purse, which I made a few years ago, and it is sadly worn. She likes it so much I decided I would put the extra effort out to make her another special bag.  The purse is strip pieced on pre quilted fabric. Below are pictures of the machine lettering, stabilizer backing, strip piecing, and 2 older purses I created with the pattern for this purse.In the following few blogs I will show you how I constructed this project. In this blog I have included a video on how to do built-in sewn lettering.

I was lucky because I found some lovely patchwork pre quilted I had purchased in white and black patchwork from Joann Fabrics years ago. I have made bias to edge the purse in black and I also selected a few black and white strips of cotton fabric I had stashed away. I will use the strips for the front flap. I also needed to prepare a solid strip of decorative stitches for the front flap. On that strip I sewed her name. I thought it would be fun to document the construction. I am using my cell phone so be kind in your reviews. I plan to make a few video’s. Here is the first step…sewing the decorative lettering.

I used “Fuse N Tear” iron on stabilizer on the back side of the solid strip I am using to create the lettering and decorative stitches. I am also using “filtec” bobbin thread for a better decorative stitch tension and an “Open Toe” applique’ foot to help the fabric feed well and allow me to see where I am stitching.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Jenny’s sewing history

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Here is a history lesson about Jenny and sewing! I thought it would be fun to look back.

I received my first sewing machine at age 7.  See my picture below with no front teeth. I remember I did not like the toy machine as it did not work well. I graduated to my mom’s featherweight pretty quickly.  Most of my sewing was doll clothing.  Sewing and embroidery were usually done by hand. I can still remember my uncle showing me how to design cross stitch on graph paper and I was making samplers with my own designs for a year or 2. It is a wonder I continued to sew. My mom  “made me” hem a gathered shirt by hand. I hated it. I guess I got over the trauma.

In Home economics class my first project was an apron. After that it was a jacket dress and a shirtwaist dress with pin tucks.  By the time I reached the 8th grade I was sewing with wool and made pleated shirts and jackets.  I took home economics all 4 years I was in high school. I made costumes for school musicals and even a bicentennial dress. I am a prolific sewer but most of my garment sewing was done when I learned to sew in junior high and senior high school and the first few years I worked for Singer. I bought most of my fabric from Dannemann’s, Butler’s sewing Center and Woolworth’s. I sewed everything I wore. I even sewed bathing suits because I needed a few. We lived on the water and believe it or not I water skied every day. Those were the days. I could not afford a wardrobe so I made it.

When I reached college my mother gave me her Singer featherweight to bring to school.  I was popular because I had one of the few sewing machines in the dorm.  I sewed for class or special occasions because the budget was small.  I made a Vogue designer tailored suit. The ensemble included a wide high waist lined slack with cuffs and a ¾ length tailored jacket with belt by Yves Saint Laurent.  If only I could wear that fashion statement now.  In one class we designed our own fabric.  I created a pair of bell bottoms with hand stamped butterflies. I wish I had a picture.  I also made a long peasant dress that was tie dyed and wore it for years.  Again you have to picture the fashion statement as cell phones were not around yet.  I guess I should be grateful.

Once I started to work for Singer I sewed complete wardrobes.  We had so many choices as sewers back then. When I moved to Atlanta, Ga I found the greatest place to buy fabric. It was called Cloth World. I loved that place. They had endless round tables displaying fashion fabric stories of colors and coordinating fabrics.  Singer was a close second in fabric display.  Now days you do not see that many fashion fabrics and a lot of times it is displayed like at Mood from Project Runway, in tubes that are stacked on top of each other and impossible to view. G Street had some great fabrics but again I was not thrilled with the display. I always had to fight the fabric to find something.  I was and am a bit spoiled.  I guess we should be grateful for the few stores that are left to service the sewing public. It is funny when you think about it. Retail is struggling today just to remain open, yet they still have such possibilities. Recently I went to Hobby Lobby to touch and feel the fabric there. They had a few nice pieces and the display was well maintained. I saw a lot of old friends in that fabric department. Thing is, it is a city block and ½ from the store entrance. I do not like to hike that far for interfacing. I will buy it on Amazon. See, I told you I am spoiled.

I remember driving to Clear brook, West Virginia to buy the wool to make a winter dress chesterfield coat and a double breasted pinstripe suit in wool and the black suit you see the pattern of.  I looked up the woolen mill and it is now a Grille. Times have changed a lot of things.

When I first went to work with Singer I traded in my featherweight complete with table and all accessories for the new Singer Futura II and then the Athena. I had one of the first electronic sewing machines. I also bought one for my mom. We had a lot of fun on that Singer machine model 2000.

The age of double knits appeared and I was in love with the techniques and the fashion.  I even free motion embroidered complete floral vine patterns on several suit jackets.  See the picture of the blue pantsuit I am wearing.  I made my own sweaters and had a coordinating jacket and pants for every look.  It is hard to explain how inspiring the fabrics were back then.

I was sorry to see our local Kmart close here in Salisbury, MD.  If I remember back to the 70’s and 80’s it was Kmart and Sears that introduced cheap clothing to the public. That started the end of fabric retail because it was now economically as cheap to buy your own clothing, rather than make them.  Now Kmart will soon be gone. Walmart hit us in the 90’s did a number on retail too. Walmart has tried to own and sell everything. Walmart started with fabric, then they took it out, now fabric is back in the store again. It goes against my small business sense to shop at Walmart although I know a few people that do.

When I opened Jenny’s Sewing Studio in 1982 we were on the start of the quilting and sewing craft craze. I offered about 2,000 bolts of colorful cottons. When we opened the cotton was 2.99 to 3.99 a yard. When we closed our quilt shop in 2008 the cotton was selling for 7.99 to over 10.00 a yard.  I have probably made over 100 quilts and wall hangings.  I also enjoyed making lots of quilted clothing, dolls and crafts.  I still have a few quilts I saved and display  for the different seasons.  Quilting really revived sewing for many years. Machine embroidery and quilting helped sell a lot of sewing machines .

I sold Singer, Janome, Bernina, Pfaff, BabyLock, Brother, Juki, and Simplicity sewing machines. I owned one of each top end model and used the machines to learn the features and create samples for my store.

Hancock Fabric came into Salisbury for a few years. Jo Ann fabrics and Mays fabrics also had fabric in Salisbury. I saw them come and then go. None of these fabric chains lasted over 10 to 15 years here. 

We had some really great customers and held some great classes and seminars on sewing, embroidery and quilting. I knew most of my regular customers by name and enjoyed their visits to the store. Life is about sharing and I think that is the number 1 thing I like about sewers, they share. I offered in store clubs for the sewing machine brands and software classes on machine embroidery. I still offer hands on classes on a “one on one” basis.  Hours I spend with these sewers is priceless to me. I try to capture the customer and project unless I get so busy time gets away from me.

Lately I have offered some custom sewing for customers. I am picky as to what I will sew but enjoy being creative.

We will see what the future of sewing brings.  I hope a new generation of sewing enthusiasts opens new markets for the creating fashion. Of all the sewing I have done,  I still liked sewing my own fashions the best.  I loved to make something out of a mistake or pull all my scraps together and create from them. It was the heart of my sewing. Today I enjoy teaching students how to sew and hope they will continue for years to come.

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