Learn to Fit class

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If you have ever sewn your own clothes you know that fitting is the main issue most sewers have to over come when making a brand new dress or jacket or pair of pants.  I have had many requests to teach pattern making and for the sewer to make their own patterns they need to understand fit.

In 2 -3 hour classes Jenny’s Sewing Studio will teach you to fit patterns. Get that perfect custom fit. You will use McCall 6901 basic fitted pattern. In class fit and sew a gingham basic fit dress to use as a base for future sewing pattern fit and design. You should be able to fit most dresses and shirts with skills learned in class.

In the first lesson bring McCall’s M2718 pattern and your 1/4″ check gingham in a pastel color. I will measure you and help you make all pattern adjustments. Cutting and marking the fabric will be done as time allows. Make sure you wear something form fitting to class so measurements can be taken over the leggings or leotard.

In the 2nd lesson we will sew and fit the pattern to create the perfect fit. A new pattern will be created as a reference for future sewing. This is an intermediate class and not designed for the beginner sewer.

Perfect Pant fit will also be available. Since these are one on one classes you can choose the best time to take the class.  In 2 -3 hour classes Jenny’s Sewing Studio will teach you to fit a pant pattern. Get that perfect custom fit. You will use McCall 6901 basic fitted pattern.

In the first lesson bring McCall’s 6901 pattern and enough muslin and some sewing thread to create a fitting shell. I will measure you and help you make all pattern adjustments. Cutting and marking and sewing the muslin will be done as time allows. Make sure you wear something form fitting to class so measurements can be taken over the leggings or leotard.

You will need to cut out your new pants so we can construct a perfect fitting pair of pants in lesson 2. This is an intermediate class and not designed for the beginner sewer.

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Hat hoops for all embroidery machines

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Do you ever feel like a mushroom, hidden away in darkness wondering where was I? Today I had a very enlightening class with a student learning the Singer Futura XL400. She has been working with her Futura for some time and found a hathoop web site that makes hoops for the XL400 and all current model Futura. That was exciting. The web site is hathoop.com

I have ordered a hoop for my Quintet and plan to make a video on how I would use the hat hoop on my Singer Futura. I will let you know next week how I do with my hat.

Hathoop has hoops for most home embroidery machine so if you are in need of a hat hoop, this is the place to shop.

If you need sticky paper for your hat hoop project shop Jenny’s Sewing Studio at this link.

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Year of the Rooster

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It is the year of the Rooster in the Chinese calendar. One of my vendors sent me a lovely Chinese calendar which I have displayed proudly and of course my new Mahjong card is also marked with the year of the Rooster. I am looking forward to all good things this year. I copied the following internet explaination about the year of the Rooster. Enjoy!

“According to the Chinese calendar, we are entering the Year of the Rooster in 2017. Here are five things to know about the zodiac sign:

Each year, the Chinese calendar assigns an animal from a rotating zodiac of 12 animals. The 12 animals cycle through rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. 2016 was the Year of the Monkey. Apart from 2017, the Year of the Rooster includes the years 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2029.

2017 is a Fire Rooster Year. According to Chinese astrology, each year is associated with one of five elements as well as an animal, including gold (metal), wood, water, fire or Earth. The element, combined with the zodiac animal, set the astrology for the year. This year is a fire year, and so those born in 2017 are Fire Roosters. The last Fire Rooster Year was 1957.

Famous Roosters include Beyoncé, Bob Marley, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston. Famous Fire Roosters include Stephen Fry, Steve Buscemi and Hans Zimmer.

Roosters are characterized as observant and hardworking. Active and talkative, Roosters tend to enjoy social events and being in the center of attention, according to Chinese astrology. They also typically enjoy sports, according to traits set by the astrology.

2017 is set to be unlucky for Roosters, according to Chinese astrology, because being in the year of one’s birth sign does not bode well. Chinese astrology dictates that Roosters will have to monitor their money and health extra carefully. However, when it comes to love, Roosters truly in love are advised to get married. Those in dead-end relationships should consider breaking up, according to the astrology.”

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Missing Joan Hook

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In late October 2016 Joan Hook passed away. Joan was a great quilter, a great sewer, wonderful past employee and friend. She will be missed. She shared many of her skills and crafts with the community and was always a cheery face at Jenny’s Sewing Studio in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Joan always tried hard to please. I remember her making a sample cow doll for me in the shop and I can hear her now,  laughing about how awful the pattern was, but she put her best efforts forward.  Joan visited us often and taught many quilters in the area. I will miss you Joan.






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Buying a sewing machine

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7258quilterNeed a new sewing machine? I will try to help you decide which machine is best for you as you look at the 100’s of product available today. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

How much am I going to use the machine and what I am going to require the machine to do?

What is my budget? Buy the most sewing machine you can afford, if you plan to continue sewing in the future.

What is your skill level? If you are reading this article you are on a computer. You have electric. I believe you should always look at electronic machines because the ease of operation. Electronic machines preset the stitch length and width to make the optimum stitch. When you turn on the machine it is ready to sew the stitch you need. You do not need the instruction manual to do the most basic sewing once you learn to thread your machine.

Features you will need to look at include:

Smooth and variable speed control, an electronic controller is best

Built in threader

Variable stitch length and stitch width.

One step buttonholer, many machine will measure the size of a button and sew a buttonhole to match.

A variety of utility and decorative stitches. Include blind hem, mending, and over edge stitches.

Front drop in bobbin.

Easy threading.

Extra high pressure foot lifter

Easy to adjust top tension

multiple needle positions

I like the automatic needle up and needle down button.

I like an extended bed. This extension table maybe an optional accessory.

Do not get hung up on price. You can buy a very nice sewing machine for $269.99 or you can spend $999 on more features. Buy the machine for you needs. Buy a sewing machine that will last you at least 10 years.

DSCN2067If you can, buy from a local dealer who will offer instruction and service for your future needs.

I have been selling and instructing on sewing and sewing machines for my whole life and can tell you the better the tools, the better your sewing will be.


Jenny’s Sewing Studio


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Sew Easy Presser foot by Singer

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sew easyThe sew easy presser foot looks like a wonderful addition for all sewers. Here is a foot that will keep your stitching straight. An adjustable guide moves to any seam width. You can also coordinate your machines needle position for additional seam widths. The attached video says it all. Here is a link to purchase the Sew Easy presser foot.   Fits most low shank machines.

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A Great time to Sew!

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deannie 2014It’s Hot outside, a perfect time to sew inside in the air conditioning.  I invite you to take a sewing class with me at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Learn to Sew or Learn to Sew Better. Classes held “one on one” at my home studio. Here is the enrollment link to my classes. Questions? Email me at jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com

Take advantage of discounts sales and closeouts this summer at Jenny’s. I have accessories and feet for Juki, Janome, Baby Lock, Brother and Singer.

One of a kind items I have on closeout Summer sale are at this link! Purchase Designer Handbags, Handbags 2, Serge and Merge, Pretty  Little Patchwork, and 12″ demo fabric bolts, stencil cutter, Fabric Glide and much more. Most items are 1/2 price. Most are new and unused. I also have items have have listed in a sewing room closeout. Since I moved into my own studio I need more space some you get to benefit.

Here is a great beginner sewing project using polar fleece. If you have some scraps you might want to download it and try the owls for fun.


Finally, it is the political season so I am sharing my free embroidery with you. I have learned to stay clear of expressing any views during this period so I will enjoy the designs with you in silence.

Stay cool!  Jennydemocrat_jef


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