Happy 4th of July

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I wanted to share a quick project with you to help celebrate the upcoming holiday!  The project was done using a serger wide flat lock to put together red white and blue strips of fabric to form a flag wall hanging. The flatlock is created by tightening the lower looper tension and loosing the needle tension. I used one needle in the left position on my 4 thread serger. You can use decorative thread or regular thread on the upper looper.

The flag wallhanging uses rustic plaids and was hung from a twig to make a country statement. The project was done by one of my employees years ago but it is an oldie but a goodie.

Recently I recreated the same strip flag idea to make a placemat with my serger.  As you can see in the photo below the star blue square was serged separately and top stitched in place. You decide which one you like best!

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Make a placemat and learn a new Sewing or Quilting Technique

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Placemats– For Beginners and Intermediate sewers. Our placemats will explore many different sewing and quilting techniques. This is a great way to learn binding, strip piecing, use of decorative stitches, free motion quilting, and some placemats will cover the use of your serger. Let’s make some creative mats braid in dayfor each season of the year. The first ½ hour will be used to pick your colors and purchase fabrics. Choose between Braided Mat, Free Motion Mat, Applique mat, Reversible Quilted Mat, Strip Pieced Mat, and Watercolor Mat. Free Pattern for most classes. Take this class again and again to learn a new technique. Fee is $30.00.  See more information on the placemats at this link. To enroll call Hancock at 410-677 3461

Wednesday May 7th 1:30-4:30pm (your choice)
Wednesday May 21st 1:30-4:30pm (Flag serger placemats..Bring your serger)
Wednesday June 25th 1:30-4:30pm (your choice)

easter egg

heart placemat

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Learn to Sew at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.

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MichealIf you would like to learn to sew or brush up on your sewing skills, take a look at the sewing classes offered at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Classes are taught at Hancock Fabrics in Salisbury, MD. You can see our current schedule at this link. Here are pictures of my latest beginner sewing students, Michael, Christie and Nichole. Our next Beginner classes are Saturday November 23rd 10-4:30pm for a 1 day session or Saturday January 4th 10-4:30pm for a 1 day class. To enroll call 410 677-3461.


Buy a new sewing machine or serger and need to know how to use it? Jenny will show you how. Learn to thread and operate your new or old machine and use it to it’s maximum potential. nichole Our next classes on the sewing machine basics are:

Saturday November 30th 1:30- 4:30pm
Sunday December 15th 1:00-4:00pm

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Use your Serger to Make this Great Ruffled Purse at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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serger purse 2You can make this beautiful ruffled purse in class at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.  The purse will require you to edge your fabric strips with the 3/4 spool serger. I used the narrow rolled hem and wooly nylon to decorate the edge of my ruffles with the serger. Next I used the gathering foot with the serger or with the sewing machine to add fullness to the strips and finally the sewing machine to top stitch the gathered ruflles in place. I love the look of this purse. This is a great project for you to practice your serger skills. You should already know how to thread your serger to take this class.

See you in class at Hancock fabrics. Here are the dates and information. Call 410 677 3461 to enroll.

Ruffled Serger Purse
Using your serger and a sewing machine you will be able to create this beautiful serger purse! You can purchase the “Serger Satchel” pattern from Jenny for $10.00 and Jenny will provide a sewing machine for you to use in class if you need one. You provide the serger and threads. You will need: 12- 2 1/2″ strips, they can be all the same fabric or varied like the sample displayed. (! yard) and 2 yards for purse base, lining, bias trim, handles and ties. Also one 1/2 yard of Fusible Fleece and a contrast thread for your serger trim plus thread to sew the bag.

Only 3 students per class. $40.00
Saturday October 19th 10-4:30
Tuesday October 29th 10-4:30

serger purse

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What makes a good sewing machine?

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Being a sewing machine educator and dealer for over 40 years I have heard it all and just about sold it all. I personally could not sell a product I did not believe in or for that matter sew with.  I have my list of what makes a good machine.
1. I value ease of use,  good fabric handling,  a nice large sewing bed, ease of removing feet and needles, nice accessories,  decorative stitches, a nice speed control, a needle up and down, a thread cutter.

2.  I love my embroidery machine but it can be a stand alone and I love the software if it is fun and easy. I do not do as much embroidery as I use to but I want it when I want it.

3. I love my serger for seam finishes and decorative edges and I occassionally will sew a seam with it. The serger must be easy to thread, let me replace the needles easily, and offer easy adjustments.  I teach serger sewing at Hancock in Salisbury, MD so I can appreciate all the different kinds of serger out there.  A serger is a serger is a serger meaning the stitch is pretty much the same on all of them! The only differences lie in the threading, adjustments and needle replacement. 80% to 90% of your serging will be done using 3 thread or 4 thread sewing. You will have to evaluate your need for chain stitch and cover hem.

If you are interested in becoming more familar with your machine come to one of our sewing machine instructional sessions.

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Serge and Merge quilts and Serger Seminole Christmas stockings

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When completing my new Sewing Class schedule I was looking to add a class to challenge the student who have taken my serger basics class. I have added 2 new serger projects.

One is “Serge and Merge” as seen on TV with Nancy Zieman. Jenny’s Sewing Studio will be teaching the “Serge and Merge” quilt in an all day class. The quilt requires 13 -1 yard pieces for a full size quilt. We will get a good head start on completeing your quilt and make a few prairie points for the completed binding. This is a great scrappy quilt. You can purchase the book from Jenny and it is recommended for class.

Serge strips together to create sun shine and shadows half triangle quilt blocks. We will be using a 3 thread overedge to piece the quilt. The color thread you use will be the contrast that makes the quilt pop. I will be giving more details as we get closer to the class offered.

Enroll now- Serge and merge is offered Wednesday September 26th.  Call Hancock at 410-677-3461 to enroll.

Serger Christmas stockings workshop– You have just learned to use your serger, let’s keep on going and practice what you learned in serger class. We will create stocking fabric in class using decorative serger techniques.  Make a Seminole pieced stocking using flat lock and gold thread on red and green.  3- Hour class. $30.00

Each student will need ½ yard of one Christmas background print. You will need to purchase and coordinate 5 different Christmas prints ¼ yd each.  You will need either 2 red or 2 green serger thread cones. The gold thread can be purchased in class from Jenny. I will add a picture of the project when I complete the sample.
Tuesday August 14th 1:30-4:30
Wednesday September 12 1:30-4:30

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Singer serger 14J250

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Recently I got to see the ( Brand New to me ) Singer serger 14J250.  Singer has a 3/4 spool serger with differential feed that is different from all other sergers you have ever seen. The whole front opens up for easy threading. You can literally get you fingers into the threading and you can see what is happening. Remarkable!

To see all the features  Singer has prepared a features sheet.  Look at the revolutionary featured thread cutter. Push the lever down and the cutter pops up for you to cut your serger chain. Singer also included a threader for the needles.

The knife blade is now located on the top door and is easy to bring up and down, depending on the sewing project.  Accessories are also stored right in the front door.

Sew knits and wovens with ease.  Use narrow roll hem for napkins, flatlock stitch for decorative effects, 3/4 spool over edge for 1/4″ seams.  The 14T250 is a great serger at a great price and it is available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.

If you are local Jenny’s Sewing Studio also offers a serger basic class. Learn how to use your serger in class. We cover 3/4 spool stitch, flat lock, roll hem and fancy threads. You can also serger a quilt in the log Cabin or quick trip class.

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Free Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery lessons at Hancock in Salisbury, MD

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio has posted an updated sewing class schedule for Hancock Fabrics. You will notice we have a lot more free sewing demonstration on selected Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.






 Free demonstration schedule:

-Wednesday Jan 25th 10-12pm 
-Wednesday Feb 1st
            Cathedral window quilting  10-12pm
-Saturday February 4th 10-12pm
             Photo Applique
-Wednesday February 8th 10-12pm
             Thread Painting
-Saturday Feb 18th 10-12pm
              Serger accessories
-Wednesday February 29th 10-12pm
              Colorful quilts
-Saturday March 17th 10-12pm
              Heirloom Serging

Sign-up for our sessions in store and I will have a chair waiting for you.


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