Quilted Fabric Purse

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Quilted Fabric Purse

In a recent class of the Quilted Fabric Purse my student made this lovely purse.  If you zoom in you can see she personalized the pocket with her name “Jeannie” and framed the name with decorative stitches built-in to her sewing machine. The technique used on this purse was strip piecing. Jeannie used a prequilted base and about 6 different 1/4 yard fabrics cut 2 1/2″ wide strips. The purse has 6 inside pockets and 2 outside pockets. Everything is complimented with the contrasting black trim.

I hope to see you in our next Fabric Quilted Purse. This class is easy enough for beginning sewers but interesting enough for all to try. Enroll now! $40.00
Wednesday March 18th 10:00-4:30pm
Saturday May 2nd 10:00-4:30pm

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New classes are now available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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The year is quickly passing and I am now hard at work on several new classes I will make available at Hancock Fabric’s In Salisbury, MD

One of my newest class is a stain glass purse. The stain glass technique is really applique using bias tape. You will be able to design your own purse. Choosing 6 or 7 prints to combine for the stain glass look will let you combine all the colors in your wardrobe into this one purse. Using the black “leading” or bias tape you will get a lot of drama from this accessory. I am working to give you a free pattern. Come take my class in Salisbury, MD.

Stain glass purse-Brand New! Learn to use  bias and “applique” the black leading to create a lovely stain glass purse that will go with everything.  Instructions will be given before class for fabric purchase. $40.00   1 session #3600921 . Here is a free pattern.( sample picture is a close likeness. Jenny’s sample pictured soon)

Wednesday February 11th 10:00 till 4:30pm. Call 410 677 3461 to enroll.

Below are several other classes I have added. Classes are small so enroll early.


Sewing For The Home
home decorHome Decorating Basics– Beginners welcome! Learn to put in a zipper and make a piped pillow, try a cording foot, do some binding.  This class will give you some skills to use in projects you make for the home.  Bring 1 ¼” yard of a pillow fabric, matching thread and 2 yds of 5/32” cord and a 24 “ zipper to make your  16” piped pillow. Shopping will be done in the 1st 30 minutes of class. Also bring your machine and zipper foot. $30.00 #3466158
Sunday December 7th 12:30-4:00pm
Wednesday January 21st 1:30-4:30pm


pillow wrapWraps for your pillow Make a solid pillow in our pillow class as a background. Add some beautiful wrap ideas for some lovely and eye catching pillows. Change the wrap with each season. Hame fun with technique. I will annouce a new wrap project for each session.  Shopping will be done in the 1st 30 minutes of class. A free pattern of instruction and material requirements will be given out in class. Our current project will be zig zag patchwork. Sample coming soon.

Take the pillow and wrap as a combo class for $50.00. Take the wrap class alone for $30.00

January 10th Combo class Pillow and wrap – 10:00 till 4:30
January 11th Pillow wrap only- 12:30 to 4:00pm

PlacematsFor zigzag placematBeginners and Intermediate sewers. Each quarter our placemats will explore many different sewing and quilting techniques. This is a great way to learn binding, strip piecing, use of decorative stitches, free motion quilting, and some placemats will cover the use of your  serger. Let’s make some creative mats for each season of the year. The first ½ hour will be used to pick your colors and purchase fabrics. You can buy enough for 1 mat or 6 mats.  I want the placemat to match your decor. Instructions will be given when you attend class. $30.00 #3466158

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Private one on one lessons with Jenny

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Sewing Machine 05Many customers have asked me to do private lessons. My schedule is very full so that is why I must ask for certain procedures to be used when you wish to schedule private classes with me. No phone calls, please inquire about topic and times by email. Also tell me your sewing machine make and model and your sewing experience and sewing problems and times you wish to meet so I can be prepared for you. I can call you if you will give me several call times available and a phone number.

Email is Jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com

This is instruction, not sewing machine repair, alterations or a fix it session. I can help you understand how to use a sewing machine or a serger, but it should be in good working order. I might be able to get you out of trouble on a sewing machine error but that information should be explained in your email to me before we schedule a session.

lesson.jpgYou want to learn to use your machine, embroidery software I am familiar with, or you have issues with sewing construction, sewing attachments like rufflers and hemmers, measurement and fitting, or even crochet.. you can schedule a one on one class with Jenny at her small shop at home in Salisbury, MD. Space is restricted, so give me your need and I will see if it can be addressed. All students will need to supply a sewing machine and all sewing supplies, threads and fabrics needed to complete the session. This session is scheduled in advance with Jenny for a specific date and time. Class will be held at 1030 South Schumaker Dr in Salisbury, MD. Jenny will offer a “one on one class for 1 hour increments for one person”. If you need more time than scheduled, however many hours you need, please schedule the session for your needs. Instruction is by appointment only and payment is made in advance through this internet shopping cart. You can leave me notes in comments or email before you enroll as to what you want to learn and how long you want to take. ( No phone calls please. Leave me your phone number and a time to call you and I will try return a call to you.) Once I set aside time for your class, it is nonrefundable. Questions? Email me first for an appointment time agreement. jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com. Please allow at least 2 weeks in advance for a scheduled date. Please note that the class hour starts at the hour you schedule, so if you are late, you will lose the late minutes scheduled in your hour. Remember all payments are made first, before you attend and are non-refundable. To enroll use this link.

Also consider taking a regularly scheduled class at Hancock Fabrics in Salisbury, MD. To enroll at Hancock please call 410 677 3461. Here is a schedule of the classes offered.

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Make a placemat and learn a new Sewing or Quilting Technique

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Placemats– For Beginners and Intermediate sewers. Our placemats will explore many different sewing and quilting techniques. This is a great way to learn binding, strip piecing, use of decorative stitches, free motion quilting, and some placemats will cover the use of your serger. Let’s make some creative mats braid in dayfor each season of the year. The first ½ hour will be used to pick your colors and purchase fabrics. Choose between Braided Mat, Free Motion Mat, Applique mat, Reversible Quilted Mat, Strip Pieced Mat, and Watercolor Mat. Free Pattern for most classes. Take this class again and again to learn a new technique. Fee is $30.00.  See more information on the placemats at this link. To enroll call Hancock at 410-677 3461

Wednesday May 7th 1:30-4:30pm (your choice)
Wednesday May 21st 1:30-4:30pm (Flag serger placemats..Bring your serger)
Wednesday June 25th 1:30-4:30pm (your choice)

easter egg

heart placemat

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The Baltimore Ravens in Polar Fleece at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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ravensjacketAre you a football fan? Our team is the Ravens. Hancock Fabrics carries team polar fleece and prints. Learn to sew Polar Fleece  and make a team jacket in our  all day class at Hancock Fabrics. Make a hat and scarf accessory in a 3 hour class. Learn to Quilt the team fabric to create a matching purse . I have a class for the quilted  fabric purse too.

Learn to sew this great Polar Fleece Jacket for Fall– Buy your fleece , thread, zipper and pattern before class. Kquicksew 3297. Learn to sew a center seperatng zipper, facings and more. This is a great jacket for Fall and Winter. Create one for yo urself or one showing your favorite team Hancock’s has a large variety of fleece to pick from.  Call Hancock at 410 677 3461 to enroll.
All day class from 10-4:30pm $50.00 #3466133
Wednesday November 13th

Polar Fleece accessories- Learn to make a easy fleece hat and scarf. The technique is easy! Great for Beginners. You will need 1/2 yd of polar fleece for the scarf. You will need 1/2 of a yard of fleece for the hat. If you want t 2 tone hat you will need an additional 1/2 of contrast fleece. #3466174 fee is $30.00
Tuesday October 8      1-4:30pm
Sunday October 20th 12:30-4:00pm

Fabric quilted Purse – Choose your favorite color combination for your  fabric quilted purse. ( I can help you purchase the correct fabric  from 9:30am to 10:00am.)
Learn to quilt your own fabric- Purchase 1 yd of purse body fabric to quilt. Also buy 1 yd lining and 1 yd fusible batting ( you can subtitute 1 yd of prequilted faric for lining and batting), 3/4 yd of contrast for handles and trim and matching thread. You will also need an 22″ zipper and one 18″ zipper. Bring your sewing machine, walking foot, open toe foot, rotary cutter and ruler. You will also need a fabric marker or a chalk pencil.  Enrollment fee is $40.00   1 session #3600921 .

Saturday November 16th
10:00- 4:30pm

See you in class! Call 410 677 3461 to enroll at Hancock’s in Salisbury, MD


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Strip pieced Wallet and Purse Class

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I am really exciteDSCN2202d to introduce my strip pieced quilted purse and wallet class at Hancock Fabrics.  Using the walking foot I sewed 2 1/2″ to 3″ strips to a pre quilted fabric to make the project fast and easy to make.  You can make the bag and wallet  together in one session on Wednesday November 20th from 9:30 till 4:30pm The strips can be shared for both projects. You will need 8 – 1/4 yard pieces of fabric to cut the strips for your purse and wallet ( one strip each project) . The wallet only takes a 1/4 yard piece of pre quilted background fabric and 5/8 yard of binding fabric plus 2 zippers and one snap.

I have written the instructions for the wallet but have not yet had time to assemble the purse. You are looking at the top flap. I used my Singer Futura to monogram the flap for a personalize look and I used some of my decorative stitches to embellish the strips. When I get the whole purse finished I will picture it here along with instructions.

I think I will makstrip wallet600 whitee wallets to give as Christmas gifts this year. They are pretty quick and once I have everything assembled I will be able to complete them quickly. When you look inside the wallet you will find 2 zipper compartments. One area is for folding money and the other is for the change. The wallet also has 2 folded pockets. Both are for credit cards and are very comvient

Make sure you check out the wallet pattern. It is free! Just like a good cook, I do not tell you all my secrets. You will have to take the class for that. Call 410- 677 3461 to enroll.


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Learn to Sew and make a Fabric Purse at the same time!

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio is offering a fabric purse class in June and July. You can learn to make a fabric purse and learn the basics of sewing. A  Pick from one of 3 new double faced quilted fabrics from Hancock to make your purse quick and easy or learn to quilt your own!

Go shopping at Hancock with the instructor and pick out your lining and outside fabric. You will receive a written pattern in class to follow for any other purse project you wish to make for yourself or as a gift. Learn to drawn off your pattern and cut the shapes out. Finish your seam allowances. We will also cover using the walking foot and inserting a zipper.

The monogram was added using the Singer Futura. Learn more about the Futura in our 2 day Futura seminars.



tote bag

Fabric quilted Purse Choose your favorite color combination for your  fabric quilted purse.

For fabric purse- Purchase 1 yd of purse body fabric to quilt. Buy 1yd base fabric and lining and fusible batting 3/4 yd of contrast for handles and trim and matching thread. You will also need an 22″ zipper and one 18″ zipper.

I will help you coordinate your purse and quilt your purse project. Bring your sewing machine, walking foot, open toe foot, rotary cutter and ruler. You will also need a fabric marker or a chalk pencil.  Enrollment fee is $40.00  1 session 10:00-4:30
Wednesday June 12th 10:00-4:30pm
Thursday July 25th 10:00-4:30pm

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Learn to Knit and Crochet at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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pink edgeThis winter Jenny’s Sewing Studio will introduce knitting and Crochet to our Hancock class schedule. I have picked easy projects to introduce you to the skills. You have to try the Red Heart® Boutiqueâ„¢ Rigoletto â„¢ ruffled scarf . You can knit it or crochet the project and both are easy and fast. In one quick lesson you will learn to create this fashion update.

I have created both a crochet and knit Pinterest site and have been collecting some easy patterns for you to try from both Red Heart and Lion yarns.

I hope you will join us at Hancock in January for class.



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