Embroidery to celebrate the royal wedding

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To my embroidery friends, I have created some new embroidery for the bride and groom. With the upcoming Royal Wedding all eyes are on England and the event.

My first 2 designs are from photo stitch. I used the Compucon Stitch and Sew  photo stitch which is identical to the Singer Futura photo stitch, to create  a black and white clipart. Looks like cross stitch but is actually line embroidery created in the photo stitch.  You can buy the Compucon Photo Stitch as a stand alone or as a power pack with autopunch, photo stitch and cross stitch plus editing in a combo. The 4 designs are free downloads in our design and photo gallery.

Next I have added a few auto punch designs. Take a look. Using basic and clean clipart I created a bible design and a ring designs. Make sure you stitch them out to test before you try them on something good. These are free designs and I have not had time to test sew them all.

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Multi format convertor from Compucon

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If you own an older SINGER XL1000, 100 or a Janome 10000 or an older Brother or Baby Lock embroidery machine, this is something you want to read about. Do you have older embroidery cards that you would like to read to your computer? Sew format, XXX format or PES format and more. A lot of machines now take a USB cable or plug to transfer. If you do not have a USB transfer you will need a blank embroidery card in the format you wish and you can write using the Multi-format convertor.
The Multi-Converter is a device that enables users of Brother,Babylock, Bernina Deco or Simplicity, Husqvarna, Viking, Janome 8000/9000, Elna, New Home, Kenmore, Bernina Artista, Fairyland, Pfaff, and Singer embroidery machines to read and write embroidery cards.The device has totally four card slots. Each slot can read and write cards from the following embroidery machines:
Slot A :
Singer (XL-100, XL-1000)
Slot B :
Pfaff, Bernina Artista, Fairyland
Slot C :
Janome, Elna, New Home, Kenmore
Slot D :
Brother, Bernina Deco, Babylock, Husqvarna, Viking
 Compucon has posted 2 PFD instructional sheet for you to read on the multi-convertor. 
You will need a blank writable card to use the multi convertor and write to a card to plug into your machine.

Converting embroidery design files has never been easier

Multi-Converter is an extremely easy-to-use application that converts embroidery design files of most formats using all the most popular types of embroidery cards.

  • read designs into your hard drive from any compatible card type
  • write designs back to any other type of compatible card
  • compatible with almost all types of home embroidery cards

Multi-Converter is a complete solution for conversion of embroidery designs in the files of home embroidery.

What is more, it can be connected directed to the ‘Stitch & Sew’ home embroidery software, allowing for quick and easy reading and writing of any embroidery design to the various card types.

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Extra long embroidery designs

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Recently I have digitized a very simple heart design that will work perfectly in the Super long Hoop it all. The best thing about the Hoop it all is that you do not have to rehoop, just point the machine needle to the marked center of each new design and slide the hoop to the new center. The heart design is about 4″ square and when you stack them on top of each other they make a perfect border. You can eliminate the final outline if you just want the stipple effect. The designs are in PES, JEF and XXX

The hoop it all super long is wonderful for border designs. The hoop is designed for the Singer CE Futura, the XL Singer’s, the Janome, Brother, Baby Lock and Viking. We have an extensive list. Even though this video is marked for the Futura, the techniques are the same for all machines. Make sure you also try our Lord’s prayer design in the super long hoop. The designs are saved in PES and FHE. They can be converted in any common software.  The heart design is digitized as an applique so you can stop the design after the first outline of the heart and add a scrap of fabric to cover. Next sew the applique and then trim up to the fabric. The design was digitized in  Compucon Stitch and Sew .designer

My next design is also an applique and is my favorite.  Embroider your inital in the middle. Add monogram strip or patch to a towel for special treatment. This  design is 5.50 inches square and will fit a large hoop. I have created a video of how I digitized in the Compucon designer this lovely outline design. The design is also available in the video gallery free. I have saved the .CHE format for the Futura Quartet users as well as XXX, JEF and PES

If you would like to digitize outline designs and appliques than Compucon Designer is a free standing software that works with all embroidery machines to get the job done!

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Magna-Quilt by Designs in Machine embroidery

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Eileen Roche has a great hoop for continuous quilting. The hoop is currently made for Brother and Baby Lock products.  Watch the video on how to use the hoop and you will understand how simple this skill is.

Now it is so easy to quilt – every step of the way – with your embroidery machine.  Stipple! Quilt Blocks incorporate bold, embroidered appliqué shapes with gorgeous stippling.  Just fuse your quilt sandwich, hoop and stitch.  Complete your quilt with our Reversible Piecing Technique (included on every Stipple! CD) and you’ll be done in no time

There are also several embroidery design collections on the stipple quilt making technique. The design packs can be used with any large hoop machine that can take a 7” x 11 ¾” or 5” x 7” Hoop.

I have created a stipple quilted heart square for all embroidery machines to try for free. Watch Eileens videos on the quilt sandwich and the quilt assembly to see how to use the design.  For large designs I have created a large frame. You can add a monogram or an applique fabric to the center of this design too. The Compucon designer is an excellent way to create a design using manual digitizing with straight stitch.  Read my next blog on outline frames and quilted heart designs using compucom software.

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Photo stitch option for the Futura

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Photo Stitch option is an exciting tool for the Futura and the Futura Quartet. In fact the demo I am showing works exactly the same way in Stitch N Sew by Compucon so if you would like to achieve photo embroidery you can do so with any embroidery machine and the photo stitch option by Compucon.

I have created a brand new video on Photo Stitch using a few movie star photos I downloaded from the internet. Remember the photo’s are small so the creations can be even more spectular if you have higher resolution.

There are 4 ways to do a photo in photo stitch. You can use a running line like you see in Elizabeth Taylor’s photo. The running fill creats lots of definition and wonderful color.You can create a mono chromatic photo with a satin or rectangular fill as done using Judy Garland.

The last type of photo is a color rectangular and satin. I did a photo of Elvis to create the look and gave it an oval frame.  The photo will probably dictate the type of embroidery you will select. Look for photo’s that are close up’s and that have good definition and contrast.

Photo’s of your pet, your baby, and yourself  are all good subjects. Be creative and have fun. Watch the video for more information.

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Review Stitch N Sew digitizing with the designer option

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Have you ever wished your embroidery software would allow you the flexibilty to created redwork, cutwork, and do manual digitizing on any artwork clip art you have?  The Designer is a great addition to any embroidery software that works with autodigitizing. The Designer from Stitch N Sew offers manual fill, lace, and satin stitch. Also find satin and running stitch outline too. Continue reading

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Stitch N Sew Embroidery suite Version 2 is special!

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˜Stitch & Sew™ is a complete package containing features and functions only to be found in high-end professional software systems, features that have been designed and incorporated in such way into this user-friendly software which makes working with it really fun and easy!

Jenny’s Sewing Studio now sells the Stitch N Sew embroidery suite. You can also pick any options and add one at a time in either the Digitizing or Lettering to build toward the suite of buy the complete program and save.


See a list of features and see what makes this embroidery software special. Continue reading

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Monograms in machine embroidery

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Personalize N Stitch monogram

Jenny’s Sewing Studio has several embroidery programs that will produce excellent monogramming.  Monograms make a very special gift, especially for a wedding, the bath or a peice of clothing.

Personalize N Stitch from Amazing Designs has a variety of monograms built in. A free demo of the software will let you try the ease of the software and a video will show you how. Personalize N Stitch has floral and one color mongrams, plus frames to place your lettering into.  Browse all the monogram styles, you will be amazed. You can also make the monograms in any size. Continue reading

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