A trip to Dollar Tree!

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When I have no money to spend and want a “pick me up” I go to Dollar Tree! Sounds like an ad but it is true!

I had to get some items for my mother’s Birthday party and decided to visit Dollar Tree because everything there is a dollar. Sometimes you come out really good “money wise” but you have to know what is a bargain and what seems like a bargain.

The first thing we saw were items for Spring and gardening and it put me in a great mood. I splurged and bought some solar flowers to put where the daffodils used to come up. I also bought a wind flower that rotates when the wind is blowing. I stuck it in a pot we could see from the window and it has been happy spinning ever since. It is amazing what little things can do. I think Spring will be here soon.

Till Spring arrives I am spending my time quilting and sewing!



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Winter Institute of Classes at MAC

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio will present “Learn to Quilt” on January 15th and “Learn to Sew” on January 22nd at 1:00pm at the MAC center in Salisbury, MD. I hope you will join me, Jennifer Friedel,  as I present ideas on Quilting and Sewing you will want to try. Free projects will be offered for you to start your quilting and sewing adventures. Plan on 2 fun afternoons of quilting and sewing inspiration. Both events are $3.00.

MAC’s Winter Institute offers 27 different classes for you to choose from. You can register now using the MAC registration form link (Page 1 and Page 2) I have attached. You can then mail the registration form to MAC, Inc., 909 Progress Circle, Salisbury, MD 21804. For more information call 410-742-0505.

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 Registration is $3.00 a class. Call MAC at 410-742-0505 to register for the classes of your choice. Enroll for Learn to Quilt on January 15th or Learn to Sew on January 22nd and receive a discount code from Jenny for 10% off any “One on One” class at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.  Code is good through January 31st.

Jenny will be providing a free easy sewing or quilting project in class. Come and join the fun.


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MAC center introduces “Learn to Sew” and Learn to Quilt” in January 2019

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January 15th Jenny will present a “Learn to Quilt” seminar at 1:30 pm at the MAC Center in Salisbury, MD. See all the ideas you can consider when learning to quilt. Discover what materials you will need so you will be ready to piece and quilt your project. Review all the techniques you can do by sewing machine therefore making quilting easy and fun. Explore quilting methods and see a trunk show of quilts as you learn about the craft. Skills are geared to the beginner but everyone will enjoy the review. Jenny will cover stippling, strip piecing, quick pieced quilt ideas, crazy quilting, applique’ and stain glass quilting plus many more fun and easy methods of making a quilt. You can try free projects offered on line and in person. Learn about our plans for a Lap Quilt Club at the MAC center in 2019. Also learn about classes you can take at Jenny’s Sewing Studio for a “One on One” approach.


For more information on classes or registration, call 410-742-0505.

Student at Jenny's Sewing Studio is learning to sew.
Learn to use your sewing machine!

“Learn to Sew” with Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD. On January 25th at 1:30pm Jenny will present a seminar at the MAC center showcasing the skills you can learn in our Beginner sewing class. See fabric and pattern ideas for the classes offered. Discover free sewing projects you can try, watch demonstrations of sewing techniques and review future class offering at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. A sewing machine can even be supplied in class for you to learn on. There is no excuse not to enjoy the winter days in doors by learning to sew.  Enroll Now for a fun and exciting hobby, Learn to Sew!

For more information on classes or registration, call 410-742-0505.

Information on enrollment at the MAC center for the 2 seminars is coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.  Dates on our new MAC Center Lap Quilt Club will also be posted soon. Do not miss out on this brand new way to learn quilting. Club will be lecture demo and the introduction fee will be $5.00. If you can straight stitch on your machine, you can learn to quilt. You can email me at: jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com if you are interested in attending the club and have questions about the meetings. I will be updating information on the club when MAC has set dates and times.

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Jeweled letters

Pin ItI was really inspired to create my own jeweled letters after seeing some beautiful ideas on Pinterest. It took about a week for me to collect and prepare my earring, old watches, cat pins, bridge jewelry, initial pins, brooches, Singer pins and various necklaces  from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Brings back a lot of memories. Instead of hiding in boxes and jewelry boxes the jewels are now on letters I painted gold. The letters you see here stand for Jennifer and Mildred (mom). I even included some of my dad’s tie pins. Several family members will get a letter for Christmas, don’t tell anyone.

Here is the Pinterest link!
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Jenny’s Sewing Studio is enjoying Spring

Pin ItIt was so beautiful today my mom and I decided to go flower shopping. It is like taking a cheap vacation. This time of year the flowers a so fantastic it is overwhelming and it is hard to choose your favorite type and color. I was limited to what I could carry at one time in my car.  I consider this step one of several visits. Today we got flowers for the front step and front flower hanger and we bought a flat of Vinca for the backyard water fountain flower garden. I took several pictures to document the beginning of the flower season. I also took pictures of the lovely dogwoods. The weekend is going to be beautiful so I am sure we will be in the yard working. Hope you are enjoying the season too.

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Singer has a new web site

Pin ItI got an email note from Singer that they have launched a new updated web site. If you own a Singer this is a great resource for projects, video and support on your sewing machine or serger.

Some of the web site features include a link to their blog. I found “stitchin in the kitchen an interesting instagram link. I am amazed at what this person did on a 237 Singer straight stitch machine. This sewer is an artist.

If you want to learn to do free motion embroidery send me a note for a class. I can show you how straight stitch can be used to color in your applique or design. I have placed a form below for you to use to contact me.

I hope you will also remember Jenny’s Sewing Studio for you Singer part needs.

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Beautiful Fall day’s in Salisbury, MD

Pin ItThe weather this year has been lovely in Salisbury, MD.  It is hard to concentrate on my sewing when the outdoors is calling my name. I did send a couple of delight days outside doing yard work. Tomorrow I think I will have to pull the rest of the summer flowers because frost is coming next week.  I placed this Fall image up for you to enjoy. It is not from Salisbury, MD. but really gives you the feeling of tranquillity.

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House moving on the eastern shore

Pin It     When I was little, my dad was in the house moving business with his dad. It was very dangerous work. Route 13 was expanding and some houses along the new road were moved to make room. I was too small to understand where or when but I do remember what my dad did. Recently I came across some pictures of the “jobs” as they were called and thought I would share some history with you. I know there is still house moving going on, they moved the Hatteras  light house years ago. I remember after hurricane Hazel the phone rang and rang with people needing houses put back on foundations and trees being sawed and moved. I also saw them show how house moving was done on the history channel. I can not imagine seeing this done today. It was very specialized work and physics was a must. Here are some pictures to share of a tastee freez being moved, a ferry being moved, a large houses, being sawed in half and moved. The house had to fit on the street or go over a bridge as it was being moved and power and phone lines had to be pulled so the houses did not interfere, it was quite a feat. Most of these homes and businesses were large structures. Sometimes roofs came off before they were moved.  My grandfather, James Edward Friedel and my dad C Gray Friedel did all this. Today we just tear it down and start again.

This has nothing to do with sewing but I wanted to document my memories…


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