Lap Quilting Club

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Lap Quilt Club at the MAC center in Salisbury, MD.

All are welcome who want to learn to quilt! Jenny’s Sewing Studio is teaching Quilting at the MAC center once a month. Lap quilting is the method. Lap Quilting is portable and anyone can learn.
Sessions are usually the 4th Thursday of the month and are in the
Bradford room. Classes are lecture demonstration and all are welcome.
You can make a quilt with the group or you can just attend and share the
art of quilting. To read more about the sessions you can visit
In our Lap quilt club outline – We are now at Lesson 4 April 25th at
2pm in the Bradford room at the MAC center in Salisbury, MD. If you wish
to join in the fun you can join our quilt club at any time. You can
register at the door or on-line. You can also schedule “one on one”
sewing time with Jenny if you wish sewing help with the lessons. All
sessions are taught by Jenny’s Sewing Studio using power point
demonstration and sewing machine demonstration. A basic picture power
point demonstration of previous lessons are on line for review. Come and
join us!

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Learn to Sew at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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“Learn to Sew” is my most requested class at Jenny’s Sewing Studio. Some learn to create fashion and have dreams of being a fashion designer. Other students learn sewing as a hobby and have fun making pillows, purses and projects to give as gifts. Learning to make your own clothes also let you have a unique wardrobe. Most sewers can dream it and sew it. I love to see the energy created from learning the skill of sewing.  I had several new students this winter and would like to share a few photos with you. I do not always remember my camera but it is a great way to remember the students and their sewing dreams.

If you would like to Learn to Sew or Quilt or learn to use your sewing machine or serger click on my sewing class link to read more about the classes I offer.


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Lap Quilt Club March 28th – Mitered borders, stenciling and the bow tie block

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Our next Lap Quilt club meeting is March 28th at the MAC center in the Bradford room at 2pm. To start the meeting we will have a show and tell so all our members can share their quilt projects. Please share what you have done this month! March 28th we will be cover how to apply the borders, miter and then stencil the lap quilt block. The borders are cut 3 1/2″ and with will need 2 – 45″ strips for each block you make. The rotary cutter is the perfect tool for making the borders. I have an Electric quilt stencil program I will demonstrate and I have printed off at least one border stencil you can take home. Next we will make the bow tie block. If you want to try the procedure bring 3 – A squares of a dark and 2 – A squares of a contrast and some straight pins. If time allows, you can practice piecing the block on my machine.

Past lessons of the Lap Quilt club have been created for you to view at this link.  As I created the design and the construction of my personal lap quilt I documented the steps with my cell phone camera. By clicking on the arrows you can move back and forth through the lessons on the web page power point windows. I will put up a power point record of each lesson each month so you can review and keep up with our progress.

All are welcome to our Lap Quilting club sessions. They are lecture demonstration and follow “Lap Quilting” by Georgia Bonesteel book. Used copies of the book are available at

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Lap Quilt Club February 28th meeting

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It was great to see everyone at the February 28th meeting of the Lap Quilting Club!

The Quilt Club monthly session started off with a “show and tell”.  Quilters Diane, Faye, Jane, Shashi, Sharon and Janet showed template sets made, quilt blocks they had constructed and materials they had chosen for their Lap Quilt. Plans are coming together! To inspire everyone I displayed my completed twin size Lap Quilt. Everyone was able to see how the blocks fit into the quilt.

Once the show and tell was over I showed the group how the 4 patch blocks are created from the 12″ square. We covered the 4 patch, double 4 patch, pin wheel and rail fence blocks. You should create these 4 blocks at home to keep on schedule with your Lap Quilt creation. I have created a link to the construction and lesson plan  so you can make a plan. I hope you will let me give you construction tips before you create additional blocks. I have been working on a power point demonstration of the Lap Quilt construction. When we are are done creating the quilt I will give you a link to reference the notes. Our next meeting is March 28th at 2:00pm in the Bradford room at MAC center in Salisbury, MD. All are welcome. each club meeting is $5.00 and you can enroll at the door.

In our February meeting I demonstrated the pin wheel block construction and showed how to use the “E” template from the Lap Quilting book. Two fabrics were placed right sides together and the “E” template was used to determine the width of a cut strip across the 45″ width of fabric. I drew the “E” template on the strip back to back and showed how to sew the 1/4″ seams for easy and fast construction. Once I sewed the 1/4″ seams on both sides 45 degree line of the triangles drawn, I cut the pieced triangles apart. Janet demonstrated how the triangles are pressed. The seams are pressed in one direction to make piecing perfect. Diane had a flannel layout board and I used it to form the pinwheel block layout to make it easy to piece the block.  I included pictures of all the techniques demonstrated.

I showed how to use a rotary cutter and how I chose the strip size to cut using the Lap Quilt book. I pieced the rail fence strips together and pressed the seams to one side from the right side. Using the “A” square I drew the 6 1/2″ squares and cut them by hand. The layout was created and then the rail fence block was pieced using the 1/4″ foot.

We talked about the importance of the 6″ square, the 12″ square and the 6″ by 24″ ruler to use in creating the Lap Quilt.

Next month we will work on the mitered borders. Plan on purchasing your border fabric in one piece to fit the size of the quilt you making. The yardage chart is on page 11 of the Lap Quilt book. For my demonstration quilt I am using white to set off a pastel quilt block of pinks, blues, greens and yellows. I recommend quilters add the borders and mark the borders as you go so the job does not become an overwhelming task. I will show you how to use a stencil to mark borders in lesson 3.

For Club meeting #3 cut your borders across the width of the fabric using a 3 1/2″ strip. You will need 2 strips 45″ X 3 /2″ per block. You will need a 12″ square to mark the backs of the 4 patch, double four patch, and rail fence to define the 1/4″ seam.  You will be able to find all the rulers on Amazon.

In Lesson 3 I will also demonstrate an easy version of the bow tie quilt block. Bring 3 “A” squares of one color and 2 contrast “A” squares of another fabric to make the bow tie. I will sew the block and let you try the technique on my machine as time allows.


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Mom’s Birthday Party

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Today was mom’s 97th birthday party. We had mom’s senior social friends from Bethany Lutheran Church and several of my bridge buddies and mom’s card playing friends in attendance. It was great fun even with the rain. I made weight watcher chocolate /banana/peanut butter cupcakes for the event. Sorry I did not get great pictures of the birthday cake. I was serving and hosting the games and it was kind of hard to master picture taking too! I did get a few which I will share.

The party started with Mom trivia questions. The idea was if the question could not be answered, ask mom. If she got the answer right, the contestant got a prize. (everyone got a prize!) It was enlightening to see how much my mom remembers about her life. I had pictures displayed of her wedding, my dad, family, grandparents, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and brothers and sisters as clues. I also had the family bible, her high school year book, baptismal and wedding certificate available to answer the key questions. We definitely celebrated her life today.

In attendance were Toby Rubin, Helen Shockley, Faith Willing, Sandra Gardiner, Kaye Thompson Schutt, Ginny Wiese, Judy and Bob Scherr, Joan Linkswiler and Cheryl Gronbach.

After playing a few group card games, we sang Happy Birthday and mom opened cards and presents. Everyone knows we like to eat out so there were plenty of gift certificates to her favorite dining spots. Presents also included lots of candy and cookies, sweet tooth alert! We then played Bingo and guests won all my prizes.

Thank you to all that helped celebrate the day! Happy Birthday mom!

Love Jennifer


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Our next Lap Quilt Club is Thursday February 28th!

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Our next Lap Quilting Club is February 28th 2019 at 2pm in the Bradford Room at the MAC center.  Our monthly Lap quilting club  is open to all sewers. Register now for $5.00 or you can also register at the door. Come and learn more about lap quilting! This is a lecture demonstration so you do not need to bring anything but your enthusiasm for quilting. Beginners are welcome.

This month we are working on the following blocks:  4 patch, double 4 patch, pinwheel and rail fence. Learn to use the rotary cutter and make templates from the “Lap Quilt by Georgia Bonesteel” book. I will be giving you tips on how to cut and sew these 4 blocks using a projector and my sewing machine.

If you need more help after the session you can sign up for “one on one sessions” with me at my studio at 1030 South Schumaker Dr. Use the link to enroll and bring your sewing machine to Jenny’s Sewing Studio for a follow up “one on one” session  and make new Lap Quilt blocks each month with sit and sew help. Sign up for one hour, two hours or three hours of instruction on quilting, sewing machine use or sewing help. By the end of 2019 you will have a finished quilt. Join the fun! Follow the links and Enroll Now!

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A trip to Dollar Tree!

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When I have no money to spend and want a “pick me up” I go to Dollar Tree! Sounds like an ad but it is true!

I had to get some items for my mother’s Birthday party and decided to visit Dollar Tree because everything there is a dollar. Sometimes you come out really good “money wise” but you have to know what is a bargain and what seems like a bargain.

The first thing we saw were items for Spring and gardening and it put me in a great mood. I splurged and bought some solar flowers to put where the daffodils used to come up. I also bought a wind flower that rotates when the wind is blowing. I stuck it in a pot we could see from the window and it has been happy spinning ever since. It is amazing what little things can do. I think Spring will be here soon.

Till Spring arrives I am spending my time quilting and sewing!



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My mother’s 97th birthday

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I am planning a party for my mom for her 97th Birthday. Someone asked me if this Birthday is special? I said all birthdays are special for my mom.  My mom does not like the fuss so I can not talk about the party to much around her or she will get upset and worry about something…?  Nice thing is she will forget about the party within a day so I can keep on planning and inviting her friends.

We will be playing a game of trivia questions about mom as well as playing Bingo and having a social with Birthday gifts, cake and ice cream.  I thought I would refer all unanswered trivia questions to mom to answer. I have placed pictures of all the relatives around the room as decoration. Mom gets to look at the pictures for about a week and memorize who they are.  She can remember quite a lot about the past.

Most of her church friends and some of my friends will be attending. She loves to play “Kings in the Corner” ( a card game) and Sequence. If you do not pay attention when you play games with her, she will beat you. 

I thought it would be fun to share the pictures of my mom’s family. First are the Weitknecht’s, who were her maternal grand parents and aunts and uncles.  Next are the Brown’s, who were her parents. I even found a picture of my grandmother Estella holding baby Mildred. There is a picture of my grandmother Estella and grandfather Edward on my mom’s wedding day. My mom had 2 sister’s and 3 brother’s. The bride and bridesmaid are her sister’s Lillian and Ethel. My mother is from Bethlehem, Pa.

I also have several collages of Jenny’s Sewing Studio. My mom was my bookkeeper for 25 years. Pictures of my dad and my brother’s are every where in the house. I did not include all the pictures, but just a few to make it interesting.  The guests will learn a lot about my mother at the party, we will celebrate her life of 97 years.

The birthday party is February 23rd. I reserved her birthday February 24th for my brother Jim to take her out. I hope she has fun!

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