Embroider a Towel

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the perfect products to help you embroider a terry towel. Nancy’s Notions has a great video to show you how.  Need the Perfect Placement kit with target stickers and placement templates? Jenny’s has it..

Jenny’s has several ways to help you with lettering. Personalize N Stitch  from Amazing Designs a great lettering program product and gives you wonderful lettering options. You will find 126 lettering styles and 2 monopgram styles in the program. Click on the product link for a free trial.  Others lettering programs that are super deals are Monogram It and Letter It.

Stitch N Sew lettering fonts gives you a font engine plus many ways to customize your lettering. Watch the video to see how. You can pick from 35 or 71 fonts with monogram choices.  Here is a window from Compucon that lets you click on a lettering style and scroll over to see it displayed.  Stitch and Sew lettering and Editing allows you the ability to customize everything. Also look at Hyperfont option which is available as a stand alone from Stitch N Sew. Hyperfont gives you the ability to add True Type fonts to your letter editing program through a wizard. It is so easy.  To purchase any of the Stitch N Sew products click at this link.

Towels can sometimes be very bulky and large so instead of setting them in a hoop it is possible to stick them in place. Mark the center of the towel and use target stitchers to keep the markings accurate. Align the markings with your hoop cross hairs.

For more information about stabilizers click here. Jenny Carries a nice starter kit of the basic stabilizers you will use most. We also carry stabilizers from Madeira and Hoop it all


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Decorative stitches are fun

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If you do not use decorative stitch you do not know what you are missing. I wanted to “show case” the use of several decorative stitch combination to give you an idea of how the creative combinations create some beautiful borders.

It does not matter what kind of sewing machine you have, just think about the borders you can make. The key is the open toe foot . There are several types of open toe feet.  I like to use organdy or stitch in the ditch stabilzer if the fabric is not stiff enough to support the stitching.

Another way to use the decorative stitches is the circular stitcher.  I carry the Singer and the Brother stitcher. This is a very creative tool.I have a brief video on the stitcher at this link.

Looking at the samples to the left you will see the borders start with a centering stitch. Straight stretch stitch frames a lot of border stitching. Ribbon insertion with the ladder stitch adds a nice touch. Pintucks also add to the border creation using a twin needle. On the soft fabric the tucks form naturally.  I also use the hem stitch   to create holes in the organdy using a wing needle. Watch some of the videos on how to use the feet here!

If you do not own a decorative stitch machine and want one I have several “like new” products you may enjoy. The first 2 borders were made on the Singer Stylist 3400. I am also sharing the 2 dress made using heirloom techniques and the Singer 3400. The last picture is of the 3400 screen and  choosing your stitch. The stitch number is chosen and the machine instantly gives you the decorative stitch.

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Make lace using your embroidery machine

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio has lace pockets you can embroider using any embroidery machine. Formats available are XXX, FHE, Jef, and Pes.

I used the auto punch with editing software built in, that is found in Stitch N Sew software. If you have the Futura autopunch with editing you can also perform the lace designs with ease. 

Also included is the medallion design. Use  built-in lettering or hyperfont  for a monogram design in the lace medallion. To embroidery the 3-D design hoop “Sew and Wash” with tulle and embroider the one color design. The tulle makes the design stand on it’s own. If you need a “Sew and Wash style stabilizer, find it at Jenny’s Sewing Studio.

For one week (till Oct 20th 2010) I am making the lace designs and instructional video free.  The video’s are on the last page of our lace pocket album in Jenny’s video and photo gallery. Have fun.

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No show fusiblible stabilizer- Perfect for Teeshirts

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If you are thinking about machine embroidery on a teeshirt , no show fusible stabilizer is what you need.

No Show Cutaway Embroidery Backing! Soft, sheer, stable, and translucent nylon-reinforced cutaway embroidery backing. Specifically-designed for left chest applications, eliminating the backing from showing through the garment. Ideal for lightweight, light-colored fabrics – keeps outlines on track when hooped in with your knit fabric. Can be used with a medium weight tearaway for added stability. No Show is also ideal to cover the back of the finished embroidery for a nicer appearance and to avoid having the scratchy feeling of heavier backing against the skin.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio carries no show stabilizer in a fusible form. It makes the hooping process much easier. Cut a piece of stabilizer a little larger than the hoop and apply the stabilizer to the back side of the teeshirt. When you hoop the garment make sure you do not pull on the garment and that your hooping are contains the stabilizer. If you project is too small to hoop, hoop the stabilizer and use a stray stabilizer to hold the garment in position. The results will amaze you.

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Machine Embroidery Stabilizer tutorials

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio would like to help you find the best stabilizer for your next embroidery project! Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. There is no perfect stabilizer.  Stabilizer is picked to complement the fabric and project you are doing. If you are just beginning you may wish to purchase a sampler package of stabilizers so the right style of stabilizer is on hand when you need it.  The quality of your embroidery depends on it.

2. Recognize the difference between a knit and a woven fabric. These fabric types have there own personalities and stabilizer needs. You will need to keep knits from stretching while you embroider. You will need to keep wovens from puckering.

3. Make sure you know the difference between a topper and a stabilizer. Toppers help hold the nap in position so you can cover the fibers with stitches. Examples are towels, sweaters, velour, and polar fleece . You may need a topper only or a topper and a stabilizer.

4. Know the weight of the finished project you are embroidering. You want to stabilize to the weight of light to medium weight denim when considering stabilizer. Stabilize too much and you can break thread and tear stitches.

5. Consider the weight of the embroidery design. Is it too heavy (dense) for the finished fabric? Make sure you do a sample.

Singer has made several new sewing machine embroidery video’s available on line and all machine owners can benefit from the information. I invite you to watch the stabilizer and set-up video’s. I have also attached a link to our stabilizer tutorial and purchase links! Enjoy your next machine embroidery project and stabilize correctly for the best embroidery results.

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Octihoop comes to Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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I used to love to do free motion embroidery. When embroidery machines came along I gave up my free motion artwork for the computer generated designs.

octi_dvdBe one of the first to enjoy Clare Rowley’s latest invention! With this (patent pending) product everyone can embroider anything with any sewing machine! Yes! Even if all you own is a Treadle sewing machine.With these hoops, you will not have to stretch your fabrics between 2 rings. You don’t need to learn software, because there is no software required. You can take an image from a hoop_on_machinecoloring book, clipart or a photo and embroider it on anything from baby socks to dog collars. One of the amazing featues of this hoop is how well it controls the fabric so you don’t need a foot at all for just about every fabric.

Watch several videos on how the Octihoop can be used for perfect machine quilting, free motion embroidery, and even cap embroidery. It is amazing! See how you can print out any clip art and use it as a pattern for embroidery. See how you can do lovely layers of embroidery for a more detailed look than computerized embroidery.

Do not miss the Octihoop. Order yours today.

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Machine embroidery stabilizers

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nancysstabilizerbookNancy Zieman of Nancy’s Notion’s has published a brand new stabilizer book  and you can find it at Jenny’s Sewing Studio . It is called “Stabilizers- the foundation guide book”.

All the support you need for your embroidery in this quick guide Stabilizers are the foundation of good embroidery—they help support the fabric and thread during the embroidery process and are a necessity for successful results

If you are having a hard time figuring out what makes for a good looking embroidery, this is the book for you. Each embroidery project is different. It needs to be treated with the right topper and/or stabilizer. Learn the secrets from the experts. To order your copy visit Jenny’s Sewing Studio at this link.

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Tips on Embroidery Stabilizers

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I just got rather good stabilizer tips article and thought I would pass on some of the information.

For embroidery projects, applique saves time sewing time by covering areas with cut out fabric shapes that would otherwise be filled with large, time consuming embroidery fill stitching. This is typically done with large letters, and the technique can be seen everywhere from athletic wear to school logos on sweatshirts to souvenirs.  Applique is not only time-saving but attractive, is easier on the garment, and requires very little special technique. 

The Singer logo is a great design for the Singer enthusist! I have loaded the design for you to download in the XXX and FHE Futura formats. I used sticky paper to make my Singer appliques. Stick the background fabric to the sticky paper and sew the the design and then cut out the logo. For the background fabric I used jeweled gold metallic. Another fabric color I have seen the design stitched out in is gold or yellow.

Monogrammed Towels
Towels are common, highly desirable items to monogram or decorate with embroidery, and the special techniques for embroidering on towels is simple:  (1) place a piece of water-soluble topping in the hoop over the towel to prevent the “pile” of the terrycloth from poking through the embroidery and (2) Use higher density and stitch underlay in the digitizing.  Also, for heavier towels, be sure that the hoop is secured tightly and support the hanging portion of the towel on a shelf or chair to minimize the risk of the garment unhooping.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers a variety of stabilizers. For the beginner we offer a starter kit. For refills we also offer stay fresh tubes.

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