Walking foot sale at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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Do you do quilting or top stitching or use difficult to sew bulky fabrics? The walking foot is the answer to a lot of sewing issues.  If you sew on quilt binding, the walking foot will keep the top and bottom layers even as you sew.  Do you need to “stitch in the ditch”,  or sew the borders and quilt edge? The walking foot is the key. I recently sewed a fluffy fleece robe and it was impossible to feed through the machine without a walking foot. I have several types of walking feet on clearance. Take a look at this link. Most closeouts are in limited supply. Don’t miss out!

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Learn to use your Sewing Machine to it’s fullest

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Have you  recently upgraded or purchased a new sewing machine for the first time? Even if you are an experienced sewer you should take the time to learn what features come with your new machine. Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers a 2 hour class on machine instruction and since these classes are one on one, they can be scheduled most afternoons during the week and weekend.

Most new machines will do zig-zag, blind hem, mending stitches, buttonholes, and some decorative stitches. I personally like electronic machines since stitch selection is automatic. I also recommend a machine that has a front drop in bobbin since it is much easier to operate.

Accessories and sewing machine feet make your sewing machine have additional strengths. Take a look at some pieces Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers. You may consider them for your machine.

The walking foot helps keep layers even and feed together as you see. Consider the walking foot for top stitching and quilting. I always use the walking foot to sew bindings in place.

Seams sew easy is a rather new sewing foot that gives you a gauge for the seam allowance. Place the gauge at 5/8″ for regular sewing or 3/8″ for a top stitch. This foot helps you sew straight and look more professional.

The pearls and piping foot is a real helpful guide. I really like using 1/4″ prepacked piping to make a pillow or finish a lapel. Piping makes the edge turn so much better. Make the piping match or make it contrast. The piping foot keeps you on track when you place the piping in the groove.

A lot of sewers like inserting an invisible zipper. The invisible zipper foot is now a snap on foot. Just press the zipper coil to flatten the curve and use the grooved foot to install the zipper. It is fast and easy.






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Brother, Janome and Juki closeout specials

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its sew easy 2014I am house cleaning at Jenny’s Sewing Studio and clearing several parts and accessories to make way for new items. The prices are great, most items are 1/2 price. Check out Janome, Brother and Juki sewing machine feet and accessories. These are one of a kind items and when they are gone…… All items are available in our on line shop!

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Sewing table extension back in stock

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extensionblueThe sewing machine extension slide on table is one of my favorite sewing accessories. It gives the sewer so much more room to support the fabric as you sew or quilt.  I always say that the better your equipment the better the sewing will end up.  A popular Singer sewing table is now in stock. See if it fits your machine.

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Sewing Machine Presser Feet available at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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Choose your sewing machine accessory!

Make your sewing machine a super sewing machine with extra presser feet and accessories. Jenny’s Sewing Studio offers a large variety of presser feet for you to pick from. Singer has spent a lot of time creating instructional videos on the use of these accessories. Learn how to use select presser feet including the SINGER® All-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Darning & Embroidery Foot, Open Toe Foot, Edge-Joining Foot, Pin tuck Foot and many more!

Want to learn more about these accessories? Try out some of the most popular feet and sewing machine techniques. Try twin needle sewing and do pin tucks. Use the gathering foot and see a demonstration on the ruffler. Do a narrow roll hem, Make circle decorative stitch art, applique, free motion stipple, cord and more. Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the sewing machine part you need at a price you will love.

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The Circular Stitcher is creative fun

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The Circular stitcher is finally back in stock and Jenny’s Sewing Studio has the stitcher at a great sale price.

Decorate in circles, it is great sewing fun and very in right now. Our new circular stitcher makes it easy to be creative. The stitcher fits on most low shank sewing machines as a guide. Using your satin stitch foot, just touch and sew out any decorative stitch in a circle. Frame a monogram, interlock circles, change colors, frame applique, Make a faced opening in circles. The possibilites are endless. Send me pictures of how you used circles and I will post them.

Circular stitcher is an accessory that makes creative fun with decorative stitches. This circular stitcher fits any low shank foot with a Japanese shank. With the use of a thumb tack create circles in multiple sizes.  Here is the link to the right low shank and open toe foot so your set up is complete.

Futura Shank


Stitch Foot

Place the satin stitch foot on your machine. We used the open toe foot. Decide where you want the circle and how large you need it. Place a thumb tack underneath the fabric. It will extend into the center of the circle on the right side of the fabric. There is an adjustment screw on the top of the attachment and as you roll the white dial the diameter grows smaller or larger.  The shank has a hole under the quilt bar hole that the circular stitcher slides into.

Adjust the widthYou will need to slide the circular stitcher in position for every circle. The attachment sits on the thumb screw. Lower the presser foot and guide the fabric and it will feed in a circle. A video link for you to watch is on the circular stitcher product page.

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Singer Chromium needles are now clearance priced

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assortchrominspiraSinger Chromium needles are now being cleared and replaced by the Inspira needle.  Inspira Titanium is a universal and an embroidery needle and will fit any sewing machine including the Singer model. Built for heavy duty sewing and embroidery the Inspira Titanium needle will replace the Chromium needles when our supply is depleted. Since the Inspira will work with every machine on the home sewing and embroidery market, they will be a more universal choice.

If you would like to stock up on Chromium needles make sure you place an order soon. These needles were made especially for the Singer embroidery machine and  make using the built in needle threader easier. We have the needles all special priced while they last.

Size 80/11 sharp is for the lighter weight fabrics – style 2000 Chromium

Size 90/14 sharp is for medium weight fabrics – style 2000 Chromium

Ball point needles are especially designed for knit fabrics – style 2001 Chromium available in 14/90 and 80/11

Universal needles are a cross between the sharp and ball point needle is an Inspira style available in size 14/90 and 12/80

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New sewing notions and products at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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I am always on the outlook for new and useful products. Here are a few new products I have added to the web site cart.
Blue Fig has introduced a new designer series of sewing machine luggage. Check out these lovely color combinations in contemporary Purple, Yellow and Grey. The combo includes a trolley, a project bag and a notions bag.

I have also added a new sewing light. This flexible light is great for close up sewing with dark fabrics and ripping. I hope you do not have to rip, but I know I do. Place a spotlight on your sewing.

Embroidery Compass makes placement and stabilizing easy. This unique tool will help all embroiderers choose the correct stabilizer, topping, needle and technique for any project. Just dial the pointer to the type of fabric to be embroidered and the chart give you suggestions for each step of the embroidery process. Click here for a quick video on how the compass works.embroidery compass

Embroiderer’s Helper is a tool used to position embroidery on multiple sizes of shirts so the embroidery is accurately placed at the front breast area. Especially helpful for Tee shirts and sweatshirts. Embroiderer’s Lil Helper is a tool used to position embroidery on multiple sizes of shirts so the embroidery is accurately placed above the pocket area. Watch the video to see how these to placement tools work.

Click Here for a video on how the Embroider’s Helper and Embroider’s Lil Helper works! combo



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