3-D embroidered leaves for fall

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I love the Fall time of year. I love the textures and colors. I saw the leaf applique picture and was inspired to make an embroidery that would create the look of Fall to almost anything from purses to hems, to necklines. Be the designer!

A few years ago I made a video that shows some advanced concepts in machine embroidery  One of the concepts on the video was how to digitize cut work applique using the Singer Futura software. If you do not have the software you can still embroider the leaves. I will put the design on my web page for you to enjoy.

If you do not have a Futura with FHE format and need another format let me know. Email me at jenny@jennys-sewing-studio.com

If you need help understanding your embroidery machine I do teach sewing machine and embroidery machine classes. Follow the link.




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Multihooping using templates

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hiafutura.jpgWhat is Multi-hooping? When you have a large design layout, you can plan and execute the marking, hooping and embroidering one area at a time to build the large design. A good example would be embroidered borders.  I Multi-hoop using printed design templates. This technique can be done on most embroidery software. If you need a program to print your design template download EOS for free. Open your design, center and print the design at 100% of size.

First center the design.

Print of each design template in your embroidery software.

Tape the printed templates together to form the completed design. This will allow you to visualize the complete size and how much fabric you need.  ( completed Border repeat or Quilt Block, Pillow Case border Belt or Purse Strap etc.)

Using an awl or hohiatemplatemarking.jpgle punch, punch 5 small holes to locate the center. (center, and one on each of the 4 cross hair ends.)

Lay the new and larger template on your fabric and mark the centers and cross hair and connect them to form the design centers.

When hooping the fabric I use sticky paper.  Remove the release sheet after the paper is hooped and mark the cross hair with a permanent marker on the sticky paper. Align the cross hairs of the marked garment with the sticky paper marking.

Here is a video I did a while ago on a quilt block planning using the Futura software . The embroidery multi-hooping technique is pretty much the same no matter which software you use.

Here is a video of the hooping technique using a hoop it all.

See Super Long Hoop it Alls!

green bag

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Embroidery on Ribbon and Webbing

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embroidery on ribbonI am sure you have thought about placing lettering and embroidery designs on straps, ribbon, and webbing. I will show you how to do this embroidery technique using tools in the Futura embroidery!  I have used auto punch  and editing and lettering options and show this in a brand new video. Take a look!

A lot of these technique involves sticky paper. We sell “Stick it All” and “Peel and Stick”. Both sticky papers will help you embroider items that can not be hooped. To see technique on stabilizers and hooping read this prior article on design placement.  I have loaded a link for Singer video to watch on proper hooping and stabilizer techniques.

JeanniecropLearn more about using your Futura software in our upcoming Futura Seminar December 13th and 14th 2014 at Jenny’s Sewing Studio in Salisbury, MD. The class is small for personal attention. Class is a 2 day event and held at Hancock fabrics. To enroll call Hancock’s at 410-677 3461.

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Compucon has a free viewer and design conversion tool

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 Yes, Compucon has a free conversion tool on line for download. I have written a brand new video for you to watch and see all the features available. It’s Amazing! You can change colors, colorize in your thread palette,  print off a template, view your hoop, make a grid, measure the design, and save in your format so the design is ready for you to use.  It is Free!   To find the viewer go to www.compuconusa.com

The Stitch and Sew options all have the viewer included as part of the program. Using our new viewer will give you a unique view into how easy the software is to use.

The viewer is also used to view the “Embroidery Anthology” by Compucon. The Anthology has over 4,400 designs to use.

Visit Jenny’s Sewing Studio on Facebook. Also visit our brand new Compucon Stitch and Sew embroidery Facebook page.

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Hoop it all makes your embroidery easier

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Increase your embroidery hooping area immediately with a hoop it all!

 Even though the design areas remain the same, you can hoop larger areas and slide your way to great designs with very accurate design alignments.

Years ago I made the “Lord’s Prayer” wall quilt that require 5 hoopings with the  regular hoop and 2 hoopings with the super long hoop it all. I have this design for free download if you would like to try the wall quilt.

I have created a new video to show how you can use auto punch software and the hoop it all to create a quilt block.  Using your hoop space for the first design you can “save as” and then copy and paste to create the “look” you would like. Print off the design template, flip and print the template, do several and play with the scotch tape and your templates. I have a new video to show how I created my quilt block for embroidery.  I actually like the “super long” the best of all the hoops. Usually I can make my banners and borders plus I can embroidery one half  or 1/3 of my quilt block at a time. The trace feature on your machine makes the task so easy.

Hoop it all is wonderful for embroidered purse straps, window tie backs, hems, purse borders and more. Designs in Machine Embroidery created a purse and I excuted the strap using my hoop it all super long.

Hoop it all also manufactors a Cap hoop that works great for hat embroidery. Take a look at the video showing the cap hoop.

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Embroidery to celebrate the royal wedding

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To my embroidery friends, I have created some new embroidery for the bride and groom. With the upcoming Royal Wedding all eyes are on England and the event.

My first 2 designs are from photo stitch. I used the Compucon Stitch and Sew  photo stitch which is identical to the Singer Futura photo stitch, to create  a black and white clipart. Looks like cross stitch but is actually line embroidery created in the photo stitch.  You can buy the Compucon Photo Stitch as a stand alone or as a power pack with autopunch, photo stitch and cross stitch plus editing in a combo. The 4 designs are free downloads in our design and photo gallery.

Next I have added a few auto punch designs. Take a look. Using basic and clean clipart I created a bible design and a ring designs. Make sure you stitch them out to test before you try them on something good. These are free designs and I have not had time to test sew them all.

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio is connected for sewing and embroidery

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Jenny’s sewing studio has connected to Jenny’s Sewing Studio Blog, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Yahoo Groups to help our customers understand  products we sell plus ask questions and stay connected. We invite you to join us.

 is a great place to express your self with photos of sewing projects. I have added sewing class projects and customer pictures on my Pinterest page. I have also linked videos and projects.

Facebook gives you a place to ask questions and share. You can even post pictures and sent notes if your project is hot off the press and you want to share. Become my friend on Facebook. Tell me you are a sewer so I will approve you as a member of our special sewers group.

Twitter is a place to update everyone. Our Twitter page is updated everytime I post a new blog. If you are signed in as a member you should recieve a tweet when I post on a new subject, project or idea.

You Tube is a library of educational video I have created to show you how our accessories or software work. Learn to use the Singer Futura or PSW. Learn the Janome Digitizer Pro or Customizer. See how the Brother basics works. Watch video on Compucon Stitch N Sew software. These and many more video are available.  The software videos are free for you to use but please do not copy them to link in other web sites unless you ask me.

I invite you to also visit Jenny’s Sewing Studio Photo and Video gallery. Find even more educational video, pictures of current events and past events and projects, plus free embroidery designs. Our Gallery is loaded with lots of great inspiration so do not miss it.

 Jenny’s Sewing Studio Blog is a place to post information about the latest products, projects and events. Each week I try to keep you updated through the blog.  The blog carries links to all the video and products and the newsletters refer back to the blog for that week. It is all interconnected to help you keep on track and nagivate the site for the best features.  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to keep updated.

Other things you can find at Jenny’s Sewing Studio are Past Newsletters for you to browse through, Yahoo groups,  and a list of things we do!

I am planning to add a shopping app in the near future so you can reach Jenny’s Sewing Studio in a flash. Stay tuned!

See you on the web!

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio videos and lessons Free for a limited time!

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Jenny’s Sewing Studio has a lot of lessons on line and now they are all free for a limited time. See how to use our embroidery software. Some of the lessons include the Stitch N Sew Compucon embroidery software, Brother Designer, Amazing Designs, Singer Futura, do candlewicking, operate the Singer PSW, use the Janome Digitizer Pro and Customizer 10000 and more.

Most of our designs have been digitized in an auto punch program so try them first. I have done some manual digitizing which is great for applique, quilting, cutwork and redwork. I have even created a brand new lesson this week on a large sized applique butterfly pillow. I was out shopping in a boutique with a friend and from this lovely butterfly pillow and thought it would be great as a sewing project.

Enjoy our Lessons and Videos!

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