Free sewing classes at Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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purse.jpgYes Jenny’s Sewing Studio will offer some free sewing classes and some free quilter’s aide. Here are the details.

On our brand new schedule we have posted dates to teach some free sewing classes. Most of our offerings will be on a Sunday afternoon. We will be open from 1 – 4:30pm. Our first 2 subjects are a prequilt Vera Bradly look a like purse and Quilter’s Aide. We have 8 sewing machines to provide for each class. All we ask is that you register so we know to reserve a machine for you and that you purchase your prequilted purse fabrics and notions from us.  I will post the written instructions at the end of this article in case you can not attend but would like to try the purse on your own. Make sure you stop in to see the lovely prequilted fabrics we have received for purses, placemats, coverlets, jackets and more. Most prints are coming with coordinating prints. 410-543-1212More...

Our Quilters aide will be offered by Sharron Shudler on selected Sundays. If you have a quilted project you need help finishing call and register so Sharron knows you are coming. We have a machine and cutting mat but you will need to supply thread and purchase a bobbin to use in class. Bring all your own sewing supplies too.

Another quilter’s offering is our brand new Quilter’s club. The club is divided into sessions that are held at 2-4pm or 6-8pm on scheduled dates. The fee is $5.00 per session and we will provide you with a new quilt block pattern and fabric to make the block with. Sign up for each session so we reserve a machine for your use and have a kit ready for you. Come and join in the fun!

Here is our prequilted purse pattern.

Pre Quilted fabric Vera Bradley look a like Purse

Purchase 1 yard pre quilted fabric

Thread to match

18” or 22” zipper and a 12” zipper

Cut purse body 21” X 15” then cut in into 2 pieces 10 1/2” X 15”

2 straps  4 1/2” X 45”

1 pocket 6” X 20” then cut into 2 pieces 6” X 10”

Cut a change purse  6” X 12”

  1. Serge or zig-zag the raw edges of the purse body and change purse. (6” X 10”)
  2. To form the strap fold each 6” X 45” strip right sides together and using a ¼” seam and turn the tube to form a strap. Sew the 2 straps and then top stitch ¼” from each fold edge.
  3. To form the top hem edge of the pocket fold the short end down 1” and under 1”. The contrast lining should be showing. Top stitch the hem along the folded edge.
  4. Center and sew the pocket on the purse body pieces
  5. Center and sew the straps over the raw edges of the purse pockets to form the purse handles.
  6. Insert the zipper to the top edge.
  7. Make sure you open the zipper slightly to allow room to turn the purse when completed. Make sure the zipper tab is inside the purse before sewing the side seams. Sew the side seams and box the bottom of the purse. Turn the purse right side out and you are finished.

8.  To form the change purse insert the 12” zipper to the 2 short edges. Open the zipper slightly before sewing the side seams. Turn right side out.


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