Great scissor promotion from Jenny’s Sewing Studio

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676.jpgFor a limited time Jenny’s Sewing Studio will offer a free pair of 3 1/2″ curved embroidery scissors with our thread and stabilizer assortments. That is an $8.00 value!

The value does not stop there! When you purchase our stabilizer stabilizersmall.jpgstarter set you get 4 tubes of stabilizer that help with almost any embroidery need plus our 3 1/2″ scissors. Use the “water soluable “ as a topper towels, used the ‘no show fusible mesh” for tee shirts, use the “PEEL AND STICK” for any item that does not fit the hoop, and finally use the “fuse and tear” for any item that needs a tear away and a little more body for embroidery.

Order any of our tubed stabilizers and receive a “free” stabilizer sample reference booklet for a limited time! Try out the new  washaway adhesive stabilizer that perfect when you need to hoop a project but can’t because it does not fit a hoop area and you need to remove all traces when finished with the embroidery. Just hoop the stabilizer, score and remove the release sheet, stick the item to the stabilizer and embroider. When done wash away the residue. 9″ wide by 10 yds.

Embroiderythreadsm.jpgWe are also going to offer a free pair of our 3 1/2″ curved scissors with any of our polyester embroidery thread assortments! There a 5 assortment to choose from so you can ourchase the perfect color assortment.


Sign up now for an all day class on the basics of machine embroidery. Learn to embroider a tee shirt, towel, and a 3-d embroidery design. Do a multi-hooped embroidery using templates. Learn about monograming and lettering available. Also see how we combine design and edit to make the design just how you want it. Also we will demonstrate the hat hoop and the extra long hoop it all. The class is $29.95 for customer’s who have purchased an embroidery machine from Jenny’s and $69.95 for all other’s. You will need to bring your embroidery machine, thread and equipment to class. We will supply the designs and fabrics for classroom use.

Saturday March 29th  from 10-5pm

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