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Singer Futura FAQ's

When you are new to Futura embroidery questions can arise. I advise you to stick to the basics as you learn your new machine so you can develop skills that will help you tackle more advanced embroidery later. Here are some answers to Futura Facebook questions from consumers.  Thank you to all who contributed. Sometimes Facebook is a confusing social media to use as a referral, so I will try to compile useful information on this page from Facebook questions. Remember to email Singer if you can not resolve the issue. Email: 1 . Other places to look are YouTube Video: 3 2

;list=PLkO2xTPKvgv7VI1s9ASjda2_GEHVZAr2l"> Singer video lessons YouTube Video: 3 2

;list=PLkO2xTPKvgv7VI1s9ASjda2_GEHVZAr2l">, Software lessons by Jenny 4, Instructional hints and tips 5and Futura-Support. 


Question: I need help I have the singer future quartet , I have it doing embroidery, set on the e for tension , my thread keeps breaking I'm using the net for the thread and rechecked to make sure it's threaded correctly. I've checked the bobbin and everything, what can I do. Is there a manual tension setting I can put it on other than e.

Answer: Nancy wrote: "It could be the design if it's a new design never used before. Run a stock design on cotton fabric with cutaway stabilizer to see what happens with the stitch out. If the stock design sews out without problems, it is the design and time to find another design that stitches out well..stick to well established design sites because can always rely on them to sew out well. In the meantime with the stock design, you regain your embroidery confidence. If you are fairly new to embroidery, you may not be aware that you cannot resize  without optimizing the design.

Answer: I have best results if I slow down the speed to 1/2 speed.


I need help, what I'm doing wrong I have a Futura quartet and in trying to applique it keeps bunching at the bottom and I have broken 8 needles and ruined 2 shirts I'm new to this and so frustrated


The key here is top threading. Make sure you set (use some resistance by holding the spool as you thread) the thread as you thread the top of the machine. If you are just laying the thread along the pathway it is doubtful the thread is in the top tension.


I have a new Quintet. The top tension gets so tight that it breaks the needle when it moves to the next section of embroidery. I have tried pressing the decrease button and it starts out sewing ok. But then it get tight again. Have checked the book to make sure it is threaded correctly. This is so frustrating to have a $1000 machine that I can't get to sew right. Is there a phone number for customer service that I can call to discuss this?


Your thread is probably wrapped around the spool pin as it comes off the spool. Make sure you use the smallest spool cap that just covers the spool for a good feed off.


I keep having issues with my bobbin thread bunching up on the bottom when embroidering. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it?


It is in the threading, review the threading video by Singer. If you have jammed the machine enough it could be a damaged needle plate or bobbin case. Examine them for picks.

just wanted to let you know a friend of mine figured out the problem with my machine (Singer Futura Quintet-pulling bobbin up into design). I had actually already got approved to send it back and was gonna ship it Monday but she insisted on looking at it first. I knew it was a tension/bobbin problem I just couldn't not figure it out and COUNTLESS people in reviews have ad this same problem so i wanted to give you feedback incase anyone else does. Turns out while my bobbin was wound correctly my previous machine was a front load bobbin this was my first experience with drop in and while i read everything about setting it up counter clockwise and watched it on all the videos and i WAS doing it correctly in that sense my bobbin was actually completely upside down like up side down down side up so even though it was going counter clockwise it was wrong because it was upside down ah the curse of being left handed turns out she had another left handed friend doing the same thing with a different machine didn't result in the same problem but was still a problem so just some feedback in case you need it for someone else! Thank you for all your help!


Can you tell me how to reset to standard the singer Futura embroidery 550 XL, I have bunching and threading alarms going off


Turn off the machine, turn of the software. Pull or cut out the fabric, remove any bunching and remove the needle plate and bobbin case to remove any thread, examine both pieces for nicks and holes. Use an fine file to file if nicked. Reassemble the machine. restart the machine and then the software. Reload the design, center and start again.
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